Fish Oil / Healthy Fats

Fish Oil / Healthy Fats

Not all fats are unhealthy. In fact, without certain healthy fats, your body can't absorb nutrients properly or power the heart and nervous system. Healthy fats also support the joints and assist with metabolism function, making them of the utmost importance for athletes, bodybuilders and those who are trying to lose weight. Fish oils, flax oil and omega supplements can help you ensure that your diet isn't deficient of the healthy fats that it needs to thrive.

Fish Oils: More Information

Most people think of fats as something that should be avoided, but a diet that is completely fat free is actually detrimental to your health. Some vitamins and minerals can't be absorbed without the help of fat, and your heart, joints and nervous system all require small amounts of beneficial fats to work properly. When you're working out to grow endurance, build muscle or lose weight, getting healthy fats in your diet can help you maintain your energy levels and keep your metabolism functioning at its best.

Dietary supplements can be used to add healthy fats to any diet. Fish oil is the preferred option because it provides healthy fats that are shown to assist with athletic performance, recovery and residual muscle soreness following workouts. For an ample dose of omega fatty acids, you can choose fish oils, which are highly beneficial for joint health. Our experts here at Sportsfuel can help you select the best omega supplement to meet your nutritional needs.

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