The Four Steps of Pro Tan for the Ultimate Competition Look!

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The Four Steps of Pro Tan for the Ultimate Competition Look!

Step 1. Pre Tan Preparation:

Product/s: Hair Away Gentle 4 Minute Formula & Get Buffed Pre-Tan Body Scrub.

It is important to prepare your skin properly before using any self-tanning formula. This can be accomplished by using Hair Away Gentle 4 Minute Hair Removing Formula and Get Buffed Pre-Tan Body Scrub.

- Using the Pro Tan Hair Away Gentle 4 Minute formula will quickly & gently remove any unwanted hair and will also provide the much needed hydration of your skin.
- Now that your skin is hair free & clean, you need to exfoliate and balance your skins pH levels. This is where Get Buffed comes in. Get Buffed uses exotic plant extracts and gentle exfoliators to provide the ultimate pre-tan experience. This is a crucial step that will maximise your tanning results.

Step 2. Getting a Base Tan:

Product/s: Two Minute Tan

Would you like to add to and deepen your tan? Then we highly recommend our Two Minute Tan.

This lotion rich with moisture helps to slowly tan your skin while providing you with top quality moisturisers leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. This product is also excellent after competition to allow your sunless tan to fade evenly).

Step 3. Competition Colours:

Product/s: Pro Tan Overnight Competition Colour, Bikini Bronze & Bodybuilder Bronze. We all know that when it’s time for your event or photo shoot, you need to take your colour to the next level. In the previous step, you have learned to how develop a solid base tan and also how to properly prepare your skin.

- Pro Tan Overnight Competition Colour has been used by athletes for over 27 years. This is the ultimate formula for self-tanning that helps you get the dark, deep, long lasting tan after just one application.
- Pro Tan Bikini Bronze Dark Bronzing Mousse provides an ultra-dark mahogany tone, perfect for all competitions! With this easy to use formula, Bikini Bronze is fast drying and also fades easily.  Pro Tan Bikini Bronze is ideal for actors, actresses, fitness models, bodybuilders and anyone who wants to have a dark, instant tan. Best of all, it washes off after use revealing a golden, natural sunless tan which is idea for photos.
- Pro Tan Bodybuilder Bronze is a non-streaking sunless tan formula that provides the ultimate deep dark tan. Bodybuilder Bronze give you a natural looking black walnut colour that washes of with water and soap immediately after use. Bodybuilder Bronze gives you the ultimate contest colour and can also be used for filming, photography and modelling.

Step 4. Contest Finishers:

Product/s: Muscle Juice, Hot Stuff, Bikini Bite & Show Shine.

To put your physique on display, then you will need to highlight it properly. Pro Tan offers several products that will provide you with the perfect sheen and also product that will help to keep your outfits where they should be and to highlight your vascularity.
- If you are looking for that perfect stage sheen then we recommend Muscle Juice.
- If you are wanting to add to your vascularity, then we highly recommend Pro Tan’s Hot Stuff.
- For those athletes who worry about keeping their posing trunks or costumes in place, then look at Pro Tan’s Bikini Bite. This gentle roll on formula helps keep garments gently adhered for hours and washes off easily with soap and water.

- Get the perfect contest sheet while conditioning your skin with Pro Tan’s ultra-light, dry oil formula, Show Shine. Show Shine highlights your muscle definition, eliminating blind spots created by the lights and allowing the judges to appreciate all that you’ve worked for. Show Shine is perfect for Physique, Bodybuilding, Bikini and Fitness competitors alike, and can also be used daily after the show or bath to keep your skin vibrant and healthy. If you’re looking to lock in the colour of your instant tan, then look no further.

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