Lacrosse Balls now available from Sportsfuel!

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Lacrosse Balls now available from Sportsfuel!
We are pleased to announce that we now have Lacrosse Balls in stock. Great for Trigger Point Therapy & Release and more!

lacrosse-ball-orangeFeeling sore and tense after a hard workout? When strains and pains from your workouts threaten your ability to get back to the gym and give it your all, a Lacrosse Ball can help you fight back against that soreness and stiffness and those aching sensations.

The Therapeutic Lacrosse Ball is made of quality vulcanised rubber and is ideally sized to fit in the palm of your hand to make it easy to grip. By rolling the ball over areas of soreness and stiffness, you can increase blood flow to the are, loosen up tight muscles and promote recovery. The lacrosse ball makes it easy to give yourself a deep tissue massage, and it can also be used by professional massage therapists, physiotherapists and fitness trainers. Whether you're suffering from tight calves, sore legs or stiffness through your shoulders, the Therapeutic Lacrosse Ball can help you get relief.

Available in a 2 pack or a 10pack.

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