Mars Protein Bar Review

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Mars Protein Bar Review

“You can’t eat that! Oh wait, that’s a PROTEIN bar?” That’s right folks, some of your favourite confectionary bars have been made into protein bars! Mars, Snickers, and Bounty are now available in protein bar form. These protein bars are high in protein, less than 200 calories, and make sticking to your diet a heck of a lot easier. You’re not you when you’re hungry, so grab a great tasting, high protein chocolate snack that tastes almost as good as the real thing.

Surprisingly the Sportsfuel team lasted at least 2 hours before ripping open the wrappers to sample these bars. Read on for our review of Mars Protein Bar, Snickers Protein Bar, and Bounty Protein Bar.

Firstly, we love that the packaging looks like the original sugar filled version. Throw one of these bars into your gym bag, handbag, desk draw, chocolate stash – it pretty much looks like the real thing.


These bars contain less than half the amount of sugar, more than four times the amount of protein, and a little over half the amount of fat as a regular

 Mars, Snickers, or Bounty bar. With 18-19g protein, 18-22g carbohydrates, and only 4.6-7.1g fat, these protein bars can fit into your diet as a guilt free treat.

Mars Protein Bar

Mars Protein Bar

19g Protein

4.6g Fat

22g Carbs

13g Sugar

Snickers Protein Bar

Snickers Protein Bar

18g Protein

7.1g Fat

18.4g Carbs

9.5g Sugar

Bounty Protein Bar

Bounty Protein Bar

18.7g Protein

5.7g Fat

17.3g Carbs

8.5g Sugar


To be honest the bars themselves look more like protein bars than they do chocolate bars. But considering they are actually a protein bar this isn’t surprising. The Snickers Protein Bar probably looks the closest to its namesake with the Bounty Protein Bar looking the least similar. The Bounty Protein Bar is lacking that soft white snowy coconut middle of a true Bounty bar, it actually looks quite similar to the Mars Protein Bar.


The Bounty Protein Bar is missing that soft textured middle, and is instead a lot chewier than the original. However it still has the delicious coconut chocolate taste that makes a Bounty bar. It’s not as coconut-y as the original but it’s still pretty darn good.

The Snickers Protein Bar is chewier also, but still nutty and crunchy just like the original.

 The Mars Protein Bar has that delicious chocolate caramel goodness going on. It’s not as soft and fluffy as the original but still satisfies those choc caramel cravings.


At $78.90 for 18 bars or $27.90 for a pack of 6 mixed bars these are a higher priced protein bar. They’re definitely more expensive than the original non-protein versions which you can generally pick up for around $1 at your local supermarket. An 18 pack works out to be $4.38/bar while a 6 pack is $4.65/bar. A standard protein bar is usually no more than $4/bar. But does your standard bar taste like a real chocolate bar?


We think these protein bars are a great high protein snack to keep on hand in case a chocolate craving hits. They’ll also make great alternatives to chocolate bars for gifts and stocking fillers this Christmas for those watching their calorie or sugar intake. With plenty of protein and carbs and a little bit of fat these will keep your hunger at bay and help you from turning into a hangry monster. Our favourite was the Mars Protein Bar but the Bounty Protein Bar and Snickers Protein Bar had definite potential to win us over. Hopefully one day soon we’ll see our supermarket checkouts filled with these protein versions instead of the sugar-filled originals!

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