Parisi Inner Armour now in stock

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The new black label Inner Armour - Parisi Speed School approved product is now in stock. These products are formulated for Pro, College and High school athletes, and are guaranteed to be banned substance free. The range includes,

  • Nitro-peak, protein powder for muscle growth, repair and recovery.

  • Mass-peak, no.1 rated rapid weight gainer, low sugar, high protein lean weight gainer.

  • Glyco-peak, sports dink for endurance, hydration and recovery. Increase your V02 max and decrease lactic acid levels.

  • Phospho-peak, no.1 rated creatine/atp optimizer. Increase fast twitch strength and power output. Increase total weight lifted and total reps.

  • Training-peak, no.1 rated multivitamin pack. 30 training packs included in each tub.

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