The Compare Products Feature

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Did you know, that our website has a product compare feature?

You can use this feature to compare any products you like. It's particularly helpful for if you are wanting to know the difference between the nutritional information of two different products.

The Compare Products features works by opening a new screen with all of the products that you have added to the compare list side by side so that you can see exactly what the difference is.

For Example: If you are wanting to know the difference between the Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey 5lb and Gaspari MyoFusion Elite 5lb, you need to go into each product and add them to the Compare Products list. (This button is called "Add to Compare" and is located just below the "Add to Cart" one).


Once all the products that you want to see the difference for have been added to the Compare Products list, click on the "Compare" button.

This should open a screen with the products side by side that you can scroll down and see the difference right there!


This is a handy feature to learn how to use, especially if it's just wanting to know something as simple as how much sugar is in product!

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