Biosa is an organic health brand founded by Erik Nielsen in 2001. Today Biosa remains a family business, with Erik’s sons and daughter working around the world to promote health and sustainability. The Biosa family are passionate about health, sustainability and innovate solutions. Organic, scientifically proven probiotics for your overall health. Check out Sportfuel’s range of Biosa products below:

How Biosa Was Born

Erik Nielsen’s passion for fermentation and probiotic bacteria began in 1994, when he became aware of the amazing beneficial properties of microorganisms. He quickly realized the bacteria’s potential for solving many of the problems faced by the modern world.​

"It fascinated me that every living thing, every plant, animal and human not only lived in harmony with the bacteria, but that they depend on them. We simply couldn't exist without them" - Erik Nielsen

During these years of research and experimentation, Erik acquired a large knowledge base on microorganisms and fermentation. Until finally he discovered the optimal method, and Biosa was born. Erik’s desire to contribute to a healthier world has always been at the core of his products and technologies. Always seeking to offer healthy, natural and sustainable alternatives.

Why Vita Biosa?

Vita Biosa is a unique combination of pre, pro and post-biotics. This means it has beneficial bacteria to help your gut and overall health (probiotics), along with the foods that they feed on (prebiotics). It also has beneficial substrates (fuels) that these beneficial bacteria produce (post-biotics) such as short-chain fatty acids which help to improve your gut health - along with providing a readily usable fuel for your body (and brain). Unlike other probiotics that might contain a few strains of beneficial bacteria and sometimes prebiotics to aid their efficacy - Vita Biosa provides a complex ecosystem of live, active probiotics.

The Beneficial Ingredients Found In Vita Biosa

Prebiotics to fuel the beneficial bacteria in Vita Biosa and in your gut.Lactic acid and acetic acid which helps to preserve the best pH (acidity level) for the beneficial bacteria to thrive, while inhibiting pathogens (bad bugs). These organic acids also provide a valuable fuel for other beneficial bacteria in the gut, as well as providing fuel to the cells of the gut lining and to your entire body and brain. 19 organic herbs to help reduce inflammation and improve gut-health, as well as providing additional nutrients.