Other Aminos

Proteins are needed to build strong muscles, produce healthy skin and to manufacture every cell in your body. In order to make those vital proteins, your body joins together nutrients called and amino acids. There are 22 amino acids used by the human body, and nine of them can only be obtained from foods. Taking an amino acid supplement can help to ensure that you get all of the essential nutrients needed to support muscle development and overall health.

Other Aminos: More Information

Your body can't produce a single muscle fiber or cell without protein, and before those proteins can even be put to use, they need to be assembled from nutrients called amino acids. There are 22 of these key nutrients found in the human body, and nine of them come strictly from food. Amino acid supplements help to increase levels of the nine essential amino acids and other beneficial amino acids to help keep diets in balance.

Many athletes, fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders use specific amino acid supplements to increase performance, lose weight faster or promote muscle growth. Using amino acid supplements may also decrease the risk of muscle breakdown or catabolism when you're following a restricted calorie diet. For vegetarians, amino acid supplements can help make it easier to obtain amino acids that are aren't found in most plant-based proteins.

Sportsfuel makes it easy to find the perfect amino acid supplement for your needs with a large assortment of options. If you'd like help selecting the optimal amino acid supplement to add to your healthy eating plan, feel free to contact us for advice!

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