Jan Tana

Jan Tana

The tan of Dancing With the Stars Tour! While traveling across the county, Jan stumbled upon a tanning salon. Inquisitive she entered and immediately started asking questions. Being of Irish decent and very pale in complexion she asked if she could get a tan. The tanning industry, then in its infancy still had many unknowns but the owner took a look at her complexion and reluctantly answered yes. Much to her surprise, and after several visits she walked out with a tan. It was that moment that Jan’s entrepreneurial spirit came to life. In 1982 she opened one of the first, if not the first tanning salon in Virginia. The business grew rapidly and she opened one after another each as successful as the first. Amazed at the growth and popularity of the business, Jan decided to start franchising the Jan Tana Tanning Salon. Jan became recognized as an industry leader in providing and promoting “the perfect tan”.

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