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Supplements, such as fat metabolisers, fat burners and protein powder, can facilitate weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. Supplements can help reduce appetite, maintain muscle mass, and increase metabolism when used on a regular basis. Weight loss is based upon a foundation combining a smart training routine, along with a healthy and balanced diet packed full of the right foods to fuel your body stimulate your metabolism, retain muscle and burn fat.

Main Weight Loss Categories

Protein Supplements

Protein powder, such as whey powder helps you build and retain muscle while you are trying to lose weight. When used as a meal replacement it helps you to lower your calories as it helps reduce appetite and avoid bad food choices. Additionally, when protein powder is consumed before exercise, it can increase energy and lead to burning more calories when compared to working out without the supplement. Muscles also burn more calories than fat, giving you the advantage of burning more calories while resting after gaining muscle mass

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Fat Burners

Fat burners are typically a combination of ingredients that work to remove stored fat in the body, increase energy levels and reduce appetite. Generally these contain moderate to high levels of stimulants like caffeine. Green tea extract is also a commonly used fat burner. Fat burners are typically taken before exercise, and can be alternated with other fat burning products every few weeks to maintain the effectiveness of the supplement.

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Carnitine Supplements

Carnitine is an amino acid that promotes weight loss by transforming long chain fatty acids in the body into a usable energy source. When used consistently for weight loss, carnitine can remove fat stored in the body and prevent the storage of new fat. Carnitine also boosts energy, reduces appetite and helps build muscle mass. It is stimulant free so you can take it with other supplements, and if you are sensitive to caffeine its a great choice to help speed up weight loss.

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Pre Workout Supplements

While pre workouts are usually only seen as energy boosters, they also contain ingredients that aid weight loss. Pre workout supplements often contain natural stimulants such as caffeine which helps us work out longer and harder by increasing energy. Just remember you cant use a Fat Burner and a Preworkout at the same time, choose one or the other so you don't overload on stimulants.

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CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a fatty acid mix that can help you to lose fat and build muscle. It occurs naturally in meat (and in other dairy sources). No stimulants, just a great product to support and speed up weight loss.

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