MusclePharm Black

MusclePharm Black

MusclePharm Black Label Series is available from Sportsfuel. The Black Label signifies superior products for athletes who want elite results. All products in the range are 100% transparent, which means all of the ingredients that are in the product, are shown on the label and every batch of MusclePharm Black is tested and certified by Informed Choice, a certified quality tester and trusted third party. This means the entire range is approved for athletes and double checked for purity.

The MusclePharm Black range includes; Creatine Black for strength, muscle building and recovery. Amino1 Black a potent amino drink able to be taken before, during and after training, Assault Black the premier preworkout formula to help you get the best out of your training session. Combat Black Protein powder to help you build muscle and recover. And finally Combat Gainer Black aimed at those hardgainers who need calories and protein to build and maintain weight.

MusclePharm Black is for those individuals and athletes who work hard and want to supplement there bodies with the best of the best.

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