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Category: Meal Replacement. Main Goal: Build Muscle. Main Ingredient: Protein.
Serves: 52. ($1.71 per serve) ($0.05 per gram)

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Give your muscles the fuel it needs for up to 8 hours!

Meet your body's immediate protein needs and provide the fuel needed to develop lean muscle mass for hours afterward with MusclePharm Combat Protein. This advanced protein powder has a time-release system with both slow and fast absorbing forms of protein. Plus, it includes additional branched chain amino acids and glutamine to support muscle growth and recovery.

A tasty, high-quality protein that is easy to mix and is formulate for active people and athletes.

When you train hard, your body needs a more effective protein powder. MusclePharm Combat Powder supports maximum muscle growth and ensures your body utilises the protein to its best advantage. Combat protein powder uses a number of protein blends that your body digests at different rates for up to 8 hours.

MusclePharm Combat Protein Powder is formulated with egg albumen, whey protein hydrolysates, concentrates and isolates and micellar casein. All of these ingredients make up the advanced time released system that sets Combat protein powder apart from all other protein powders available.

More about MusclePharm Combat’s advanced time released system:

Whey Protein Isolate: Absorbs and digests rapidly and is the highest protein yield available.

Partially Hydrolyzed Whey Protein: Provides a rapid infusion of muscle-supporting amino acids as the protein has been broken down into faster-absorbing peptides. This form of protein makes it so it reaches the bloodstream first.

Micellar Casein: A slow digesting protein, providing amino acids (BCAAs) over the course of many hours. Studies have shown that Casein may help protect muscles from breakdown over time.

Whey Protein Concentrate: Contains real food subtractions such as lactoferrins and alpha-lactoglobulins, making this form of protein closer to whole food sources than other types.

Egg Albumen: Contains a high amount of arginine and BCAAs. Tolerated by most individuals and is highly bioavailable, Egg Albumen supports the muscle building process and hormone production.

Digestive Enzyme Blend: This enzyme blend supports the breakdown of food along the digestive track. This makes it easier for nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream. MusclePharm Combat protein powder provides 60mg of a digestive enzyme blend to provide assistance in the absorption and digestion of key muscle-promoting proteins.

Added BCAAs and Glutamine: The added Glutamine and BCAAs in Combat protein powder fortify recovery and muscle-building. The added BCAAs include L-valine, L-Isoleucine and L-Leucine are critical for repairing, building and maintaining muscle tissue.

Servings per container: 52

Additional Info

Additional Info

Product Form Powder
Serves 52
Price per serve $1.71
Main Goal Build Muscle
Main Ingredient Protein
Price per gram $0.05


Customer Reviews (8)

ExcellentReview by Dmama
Its a sweet choc flavour not thick almost like drinkable yogurt texture , make sure to open bag properly as its is pretty much a ziplock bag *
Banana Cream hands up the bestReview by Kat
I've had a few protein powders in my time, and they've all been good. But the banana cream flavour by MusclePharm is right up the top. Awesome in shakes and proats. But if you mix it with Greek Yoghurt it's like something out of this world. The flavour is exactly as it is meant to be, and it mixes well with everything. *
Make like ABBA and Take a ChanceReview by Simon
I've been a devout ON 100% Whey Gold Standard user for many moons now. As we all know, the flavour range and mixability of ON is unparalleled. However, I saw this on special and HAD to try it; $59 for 4lbs seemed too good to be true.

I opened it as soon as it arrived the next morning and made myself a shake with Anchor Lite Blue milk. Think orange choc chip ice cream, but good for you. It's smooth, sweet - a little like Pamol if you had that as a kid - but not too sickly. The orange (and berry) flavours are accurate.

I am hooked. Granted, it - along with the similarly priced berry flavour - is very sweet. I'm not sure what this would taste like with water and to be honest I'm not really bold enough to try; I think that might not be very nice.

With oats this stuff is MAGIC. I suggest making overnight oats with this protein powder and adding some fruit. The oats take away that sharp sweetness, and with fresh fruit it really is delicious! The berry flavour is just as awesome for this.

If you're a milk protein shake drinker, pick this one up for certain - it is amazing! I would, however, suggest also keeping a backup neutral flavour such as chocolate or vanilla however so that you don't get sick of the it.

Take a chance on this; you won't regret it. *
Great flavourReview by Cam
Keeps me full for hours, awesome flavor and great mixability.*
Awesome for breakfast shakesReview by Ambi3
Vanilla is the best flavour! Really creamy and mixes really well and is nice with water or milk. Also really good when added in a blender with water/milk, yoghurt and frozen berries (best breakfast shaker ever!) Is nice and high in protein and still low carbs and sugars :) Definitely a must try.*
Top ProteinReview by Little_Bull_93
An awesome protein that ticks all the boxes.
-Great Taste
-Mixes Well
-Low Carb
-High Protein
And always comes with free stuff ;)

Combat is a protein you know is going to be good, A massive sponsor in the UFC and other elite sporting events. I have relied on this protein over and over again and it has never let me down. You'd be silly not to give it a go,*
Good stuff, a bit expensiveReview by Stephen
I love this stuff - cookies and crème tastes great and you can feel the time release working. It's easy to mix too. Not the cheapest/serve but you get what you pay for.*
Great taste and mixes well :)Review by Kristjan
Got a batch of the Cookies and Cream, very good taste and mixes well, very happy with the Product :)*

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