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MUTANT MASS was developed over 2 years of research and is based on sound, proven science. More importantly though, the finished MUTANT MASS formula was also tested in the gym, where it was put through its paces by real life bodybuilders and strength athletes. The results If you add just 1 serving of MUTANT MASS per day to your routine, you can add up to 5lbs of fat free muscle in just the next 14 days, increase your bench press by 10-20lbs and boost your chest size by 2.5 centimeters. That's not rocket science - that's just MUTANT MASS doing its amazing job.


  • One Amazing Formula: 1050 Lean Calories per Serving, 525 Calories per 1/2 serve.
  • 18 Grams of fat, featuring LipoTherm
  • MCT Oil, the fat burning fat.
  • 52,000mg of Amino Acids.
  • High Fiber, Low Sugar, 3-to-1 Carb-to-Protein Ratio.
  • 15lb (6.8kg) Resealable bag


This is the ULTIMATE lean gainer you've been waiting for! MUTANT MASS is a serious formula, designed with only hard working athletes in mind, who demand power, absolute size and all out strength. If you are serious about gaining slabs of lean muscle mass, faster than ever, then MUTANT MASS is the answer.


MUTANT MASS is all about gaining rock hard muscle - and LOTS of it! Building muscle requires the right protein mix to EXPAND the muscle tissue and repair it fast. The protein must also be spared from being wasted for the bodys energy needs, while the muscle also requires massive infusions of clean calories to replace glycogen used up during training. Digestion, absorption, triggering calorie uptake and manipulating protein sequencing - the MUTANT MASS formula takes all that into account and hits a home run like nothing else you've ever tried!

How does MUTANT MASS work?

92% of all weight trainers never gain the mass they want. Mutant Mass was designed specifically to address this one, solitary need - pure added mass. The formula is light years ahead of what is currently available in weight gainers. OTHER gainers are mostly high sugar and high lactose simple blends of sugar and cheaper milk or whey proteins - MUTANT MASS went all out to create the ultimate weight gainer!

How do I use MUTANT MASS?

To gain slabs of muscle that makes people notice, you need to break down the muscle first (that's doing the heavy training in the gym) and follow that up by feeding your wasted muscles. Assuming you are already eating 4 meals a day, take 1 serving of MUTANT MASS immediately after training. You will feel your muscles surge with size, as the intricate array of super nutrients get taken right up into the muscle belly.

Why do I need different proteins?

The 10 superior proteins deliver a vast cross spectrum of amino acids for triggering MORE muscle uptake. This trademarked blend is designed to push more usable protein into the muscle and showers your muscles with a continuous flow of free form, di, tri and oligo peptide amino acids from protein. 92% of those trying to gain lean mass who are having trouble, usually cannot gain muscle because they're using the wrong proteins. ISO-STACK10 is perfect, but when blended with the specific carbs and lipothermic fats in MUTANT MASS, the protein is directed to its primary job - building pure muscle.

I know protein builds muscle, so why do I need carbs and fats?

Muscle tissue is almost all protein. But when you are training hard and trying to add slabs of strong, sinewy muscle, you have to make sure the protein ACTUALLY gets to the muscle! For that majority of people having problems putting on mass, valuable protein is being wasted and used up for energy BEFORE it can even get to the muscles. To fuel your body's energy demands, you need adequate sources of real fuel carbs. MUTANT MASS' 3:1 carb to protein ratio delivers the optimal ratio for building hard muscles fast. Your body gets the fuel (carbs) it needs for energy, while allowing the protein to get delivered to the muscles fully intact. And by using the ISO-STACK10 blend of 10 superior timed release proteins, you're delivering a timed release total gainer matrix; carbs first for energy and protein right afterwards for pure muscle building. You will feel the difference MUTANT MASS delivers.

What about the carbs in MUTANT MASS - what is VEXTRAGO?

This is a new, higher molecular weight (mW) sugar free carbohydrate from a newly developed strain of barley starch. It's designed specifically for athletic use to pump up muscle glycogen stores in record time, sugar free, while also doing it without stomach disruption nor unnecessarily dehydrating athletes by pulling water into the gut. VEXTRAGO is beyond what other high mW carbs have been before. In fact new VEXTRAGO has a molecular weight that is 71% higher than anything else in sports nutrition before it.

What does VEXTRAGO do?

Scientific research shows that higher mW carbs absorb faster (up to 80% faster) and thus help replenish muscle glycogen faster (up to 70% faster). VEXTRAGO is unique in that it absorbs even faster than sugar, but does not adversely spike blood sugar levels, so it keeps your gains lean. In the battle for size, timing is everything, so the faster your muscles take in their needed carbs after training, the faster muscles will grow! Imagine - all the carbo loading your muscles can handle, without all the sugar!


LIPOTHERM puts this whole formula into a league of its own. This is a superior quality blend of the top lean fats athletes use to augment size, power and strength, without adding fat to their waistlines!

  • MCT OIL - Long used to burn bodyfat, increase thyroid output and used by dieting bodybuilders to ensure they look as ripped and shredded as possible, while keeping muscle intact.
  • CLA - This oil is used in dieting and has been scientifically proven to augment muscle size while decreasing body fat simultaneously.
  • FLAX & BORAGE OIL - The dominant sources of EFAs (essential fatty acids), the healthy fats our bodies cannot produce on their own and thus need to be obtained from our diets. EFAs help improve our intensity, joint health, muscle mass and dominate many other health issues. EFAs are also important for heart health. EFAs also help provide good joint mobility by assisting the body's production of vital eicosanoids.

How good is MUTANT MASS?

In a real world test, 23 experienced weight trainers used MUTANT MASS for 10 days and the results were:

  • 96% liked the taste!
  • Average weight gain in just 10 days was 3.7lbs!
  • 92% reported increases in bicep AND chest measurements!
  • 87% reported reduced bodyfat.
  • 92% reported increased energy.
  • 87% reported they felt their muscles were tighter and stronger!
  • 100% would recommend it to others wanting to add LEAN mass!

Serves per 15lb bag: 52 (2 scoop serves) or 26 (4 scoop serves)

Serves per container: 52

Mutant Mass ingredients

Additional Info

Additional Info

Product Form Powder
Serves No
Main Goal Weight Gain
Main Ingredient No
Price per gram $0.02


Customer Reviews (20)

Hands down best on the marketReview by kiwi lfc
Have been using this brand for 4 months now and put on 8kg mass with gentle weight work nothing serious. 2 x 2 scoops a day work for me. Flavour is nice, mixes better than any other out there and Ive tried plenty and haven't achieved anywhere near the results mutant mass produces.*
It's a excellent productReview by Roseanne
I am writing my review after consuming the whole 17lbs of this product (Vanilla flavor). Over all its an excellent product, tastes good, mixes good (i use my blender). I sometimes take it alternative to my meal but had it everyone. I have read that it's tough on digestion but I did not find that the case with me but may be because I mix berries and yogurt with it. For strength: yes noticed significant increases in energy and that shows in my workouts. I did noticed some fat growthon my belly but just need some cardio days and that would be fine. Really gives you mass and weight and lean muscle mass when exercising. Only thing i did not like about it is that its very sweet. When your're going to gym and you become very cautious about sugar and sweet contents. I have ordered the same product and flavor again :) *
If you must...Review by Simon
I used to live off 4 shakes of Mutant Mass with whole milk each day. My diet single handedly paid the Sportsfuel staff salaries. Vanilla was my go-to. Like most mass gainer flavours, it's a matter of selecting the lesser of evils. MM is no exception. The flavours are, truly, terrible. You tell yourself they're good as you choke the brew down for its caloric benefits.

Avoid cookies and cream like the plague. I was, initially, pleased to see the effort they had gone to; blending up Oreos into my protein bag. However, beware. Like a small piece of Lego, these things WILL catch in your throat if you aren't careful. The experience is unnerving at best, and nauseating at worst.

Both flavours are unbearably sweet. You will want to drink these with milk, because water somehow enhances the sweetness. MM's saving grace is that it mixes easily and does not create cement mix like Inner Armour's gainer.

Overall, however, you must realise that mass gainer is a shocking product. The muscle you put on will not be 'lean'. The experience of consuming makes Guantanamo seem like a Christmas holiday. The financial expenditure is real. The flavours are like protein powder, but somehow worse. The macros are all out of kilter, and your body will not thank you for this. Try to stick to... you know... normal people food. Get a whole lot of rice and a good protein powder to boost up your protein intake instead.

If, however, you are a powerlifter looking to maximise your fat gains, then sell your kidneys and buy the lot.*
awesome productReview by Johan
I have been using mutant mass for the past 7 months and have put on 6 kgs. My muscles are becoming more defined. Great vanilla taste and value for money. Wont look at any other product.*
Good tasteReview by Little_Bull_93
I really enjoyed the taste of this product (I had vanilla flavour), Its great especially with half milk, half water. As a hard gainer i found it hard to put on weight with a normal protein, so using this product and increasing my calories by 1000 per day really helped stack on the weight. You just have to make sure you train HARD and HEAVY if you want that mass to be muscle. *
Great product that worksReview by Kenn Crispen Jr
Been using this for a couple of months now. Works very well on me as i am a hard gainer, as long as you put in some work in the gym you will see all kinds of gains.*
Brutal Mass!!Review by James
Definately a fantastic gainer this one. I am a hard gainer too. This mixed with Animal M-Stak and boom! Charging!*
Too much sugarReview by Bennie
Will just buy a kg of sugar next time lol*
So far so goodReview by Jordan
Mixes well with both water and milk and tastes very good too.
Great way to get those extra calories.*
greatReview by joey
Great mass gainer. If you a skinny person and want to put some mass on try it. It worked for me so it should work for you. @ scoops in the morning and 2 after a workout *
fantastic value Review by stacey
great value for money , excellent product and flavours.
Best Weight Gainer Review by Hulio
Been through a lot of protein/weight gainers over the years,by far Mutant Mass is the way to go.
Also the hard work is needed for the results your looking for*
The Best WeightGainer I have tried so far...Review by Josh
I tried this after going through 2 boxes of Dymatize Super Mass Gainer.
I must say, I was really pleased with the results. Im a lean hard gainer but Mutant Mass helped me gain 8kg within 4 months (after 2x 15lbs bags) and I got much stronger as the weeks progressed.
Im gonna try PharmaFreak Mass Freak and compare, but Mutant Mass really worked for me!*
Taste is good not too sweetReview by Allan
Still working my way through this bag. Only doing 2 scoops per serve cause 4 scoops is way too much. Have increased weight by 2kgs aiming for 4-5kgs in total. Taste is good not too sweet*
Awesome product Review by Anthony
Awesome product - am a hard gainer and have chucked on just shy of 5 kg over 3 weeks doing 1x 3 scope serves a day with trim milk.*
This product works!Review by Allan
Ill be totally honest with you, this product works! It has helped me gained those extra few kilos that ive been trying to gain!*
Great productReview by Simon
Great product. Chocolate is delicious and mixes the best. Goes down a treat and your body knows it's gotta start listening to your gym workouts once it gets this fuel inside.*
Awesome results!Review by Abdulla
I can honestly say.. nothing puts on mass like this product! i started off by taking 2 scoops (over 500 cals) in the mornings as i find it hard to have a big breakfast (never hungry in the morning). My weight was going up approximately 0.5-1kg per week! Strength was going up. The only thing that might be of concern is, i gained a bit of fat too, especially when i took 3-4 scoops. monitor urself and adjust till u see fit, thats what i did and i managed to keep the gains lean! Taste is good, and mixes really well!*
Tastes great and gives good resultsReview by Michael
first off...amazing taste! best tasting protein/gainer i have ever tried! second, i really felt this made a difference. my strength went up(probably from the extra calories that i NEEDED in order to gain lean mass). lastly its a pretty good deal! 15 lbs of product for like 140-ish dollars! thats fantastic. i will definately reorder next time! i higly recommend to anyone needing a great gainer/protein! i used 3 scoops instead of 4, still getting more calories than the leading brand and 40 grams of protein. plus it lasts longer*
Awesome weight gainerReview by Shane
If your looking for a awesome weight gainer look no further. 'Mutant Mass' is real good value for money and mixes well with milk or water, with yummy flavour. I have gained incredible muscle with this product.*

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