Platinum Labs EAA 50 Serves

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  • Support recovery and prevent muscle breakdown with Platinum Labs EAAs!

    • All 9 essential amino acids
    • Prevent post-workout muscle breakdown
    • Promote rapid recovery
    • 1.4g Leucine
    • Grape Flavoured

    Essential amino acids are called essential because your body cannot make them, we must ingest them through food or supplements.

    Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Your body uses amino acids to repair, rebuild, and create new muscle. Essential amino acids are the limiting factor when it comes to your body's ability to build muscle.

    Whether you're trying to lose fat or build strength, increasing your muscle mass is essential since it's key to both weight loss and performance.

    Protein is a good source of EAAs but they must be broken down in the liver first before the amino acids are released to the muscles which take time.

    By taking a pure form of EAAs such as Platinum Labs EAAs, the amino acids go directly into the bloodstream and get to the muscles right away.

    Directions: Take 1 scoop during or after training mixed with 8-12oz cold water.

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