Reward Points FAQ

What is the Reward Points Program?
To thank you all for your support and to offer future incentives to you, we wanted to give something back, this is why we have launched our great Reward Points Program. The Program is as simple as it sounds,

While shopping at Sportsfuel you will earn Reward Points ($$$) to use for payment on future orders.

How does the Program work?
When an order is placed, the total amount paid will be used to calculate the amount of points earned. These points are added to your Rewards Points total, ready for you to spend on whatever you want.

Login to your account to view your points total at anytime. You can also subscribe to be sent a email whenever points are added, subtracted or expiring. During the checkout process you'll be able to pay for your order with all or part of your points balance.

How can I earn points?
You earn points a number of ways
1. When you Purchase items from our store
2. When you first Register for an account and Subscribe to our newsletter
3. When you Write an approved Review
4. From time to time we will award points for Participating in Polls

How many points do I earn?
The maximum points per product is shown on the product information page, this is a guide only, based on the full price of the product. The actual points awarded are calculated as a percentage of the total actual amount paid. Please note, earning rates can vary depending on the products or categories.

Activity based Reward Points vary and are subject to restrictions, i.e. max points per day, one off awards etc.

Redeeming Points
If you have any points available, you can use those points to pay for your order.
During the checkout process, in the select payment method section, there will be a check box and a total of your reward points available. Make sure you check this box if you want to use your points!

Please note, you will still have to select another payment method if there is not enough in your Reward Points Account to cover the cost of your purchase. (If your rewards points cover the total of your whole order, just select bank transfer payment and we will make sure your order is processed).

Continue the checkout procedure and at the confirmation page you'll notice that the value of the points redeemed will have been credited towards your order. Once you confirm your order, the points used are deducted from your balance.

Do my points Expire?
Yes, the expiry timeframe is displayed next to your reward points balance in the customer dashboard.

Will I earn points on purchases paid with points?
No. When calculating the amount of points earned, anything that has been paid for with points are excluded.

Conditions of Use

  • Rewards Points are only available to registered Sportsfuel member's.
  • Rewards Points will only be awarded on fully completed orders.
  • Rewards Points can only be collected and used with online purchases and are only valid at
  • Points are non-refundable and cannot be transferred between member's or email accounts.
  • Rewards Points are non-transferable or exchangeable for cash under any circumstances.
  • Rewards Points will not be refunded for any cancelled order.
  • When buying with Rewards Points, you will still have to select another payment method if there is not enough in your Rewards Points Account to cover the cost of your purchase.
  • Unused Reward points expire over time, expiry times are displayed on the customer dashboard.
  • Rewards points are only available to subscribed customers. Customers who unsubscribe or cancel their account forfeit any accrued points.
  • Rewards points are in no way guaranteed, either in the amount of points earned, or in their redemption. All rights are strictly reserved.
  • Rewards points may be cancelled at any time without prior notice or liability.

Please note, we reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time without prior notice or liability.