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ATP Science Supplements

ATP Science is a health science company that specialises in creating supplementation, vitamin and sports nutrition products for the health and fitness industry. Their portfolio of products include: Aminos / BCAA’s, bodybuilding supplements, general health products and more.

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The ATP Science Story

Founded in 2009, ATP Science is the brainchild of Matthew Legge, Jeff and Toni Doidge. Scientist Matt Legge had become frustrated after constantly having to alter his formulations to suit marketing ideas and manufacturing costs. He desperately wanted to work for a company where people and products where placed ahead of profit. Around that same time, Jeff and Toni Doidge were founders of a supplement store that opened its doors in 2002. The pair focused on a “customer first” ideology and their store had became one of Australia’s most successful sports supplement retailers.

Whilst the supplement industry was growing significantly, Jeff and Toni also felt there was a lack of credibility in the industry as a whole. From manufacturing, distribution and advertising, they knew there was an opportunity to serve the industry in a more integral way. So they decided to leave that world to follow their passion. Matt, Jeff and Toni then met by chance in 2009 and soon after ATP Science was born.

ATP - A Different Approach To Sports Supplements

ATP focus on making products that work first and making a profit second. On the surface this may sound silly, however this approach sets them apart from a majority of other brands who’re only in it for the money. Instead, ATP choose to listen to their customers and make an effort to understand their needs. They then combine natural and organic ingredients with real science to create products that fulfill those needs.

All new products go through a stringent "stage-gate system" that takes every idea from concept to finished product. This process includes quality assurance and clinical efficacy trials which are a compulsory step before the product can be released for sale. Typically clinical trials involve specific doses and standard scientific trial methodology (as outlined by the scientific community). However, ATP go a step further and trial multiple strategies including: dosing, timing, delivery methods, interactions with other supplements and more.

According to the company this helps ensure athletes and people that do not fit into the "ordinary" category can get "extraordinary" results.ATP hope to continue innovating and creating patent worthy products. Their goal is to continue doing things differently, and to create products that continually exceed people’s expectations.