Accessories for your training and gym requirements are a must! Your gym bag should always be equipped with the right accessories to supplement your training. From reliable water bottles and protein shakers to wrist straps and knee supports we have it covered.

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What gym accessories should be in your bag?

In your gym bag it’s always a good idea to pack some essentials to help assist your training. Knee sleeves, booty bands and skipping ropes to name but a few are easy to store, don’t take up any room but allow you to really enhance your training, here’s what we suggest you pack…

Protein shakers

A protein shaker is probably the item you can’t live without. They make it super-convenient for you to enjoy your post workout shake. Store a scoop of protein powder in, add water at the end of your workout and you are ready to go! The problem is they aren’t all made equal. We only stock the best quality brands to ensure you can enjoy your post workout shake without any leaks or trouble!

Water bottles

It is important to stay hydrated during your workouts. For this you need a water bottle you can rely on! Litre jugs and stainless steel shakers are a great idea and can last you a long time!

Massage balls

Massage balls should be a part of your daily gym life. They allow you to enjoy a deep tissue massage anytime, anywhere. After a hard training regime they ensure you can release those tight muscle and break down knows making your training and post-workout care more affective.

Booty bands

Booty bands are rising in popularity every day! Why? Because they are an effective piece of kit that allow you to take your training to the next level. They add an extra level of resistance whether you are completing bodyweight exercises or using resistance machines.

Skipping ropes

Skipping ropes are awesome because they take up no room in your gym bag! You can get a seriously intense cardiovascular workout with a rope weather you are at home or at the gym.

Wrist wraps & Knee sleeves

Wrist wraps & Knee sleeves are fantastic support aids. If you like to lift heavy or you need extra support in these areas then investing in some good quality wraps and sleeves is a great idea. They can allow you to lift heavier, perform better and keep your joints safer during resistance training.

Are you looking for affordable gym and training accessories? Sportsfuel only stocks the most reputable brands such as SmartShake & Xtend meaning you can trust you are receiving only the best products to assist your training.

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