Musashi is an iconic brand that’s all about quality, optimum nutrition and helping athletes achieve their performance goals. Established in Australia in 1987, Musashi is, without doubt, a market leader today — offering the professional and amateur athlete, the regular gym-goer or anyone who cares about their health a collection of products designed to optimise performance through nutrition. 

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All about Musashi protein products

As well as Musashi protein bars, you’ll also find products like Musashi protein powder and Musashi protein drink to help refuel you and take your game to the next level. Hit your training goals by using a scoop of Musashi protein powder in a healthy shake or reach for a Musashi protein drink after your workout to repair and build muscles. Choose from plant protein and whey protein to get your hit of this essential ingredient to build muscle and aid recovery. 

Musashi whey protein is made into a high-quality and effective formula, offering athletes the opportunity to up their game and take muscle building and recovery to the next level. Look out for specialist Musashi whey protein products if you’re seeking to set yourself apart from the competition.

To accelerate your metabolism and burn fat faster, reach for Musashi Shred and Burn protein. The combination of potent ingredients in Musashi Shred and Burn helps ensure that vital vitamins and minerals nourish your body, while the whey protein stimulates lean muscle growth and post-workout recovery.

Or try our Musashi High Protein formula to stimulate muscle growth in combination with a rigorous training programme. The combination of intense activity and the Musashi High Protein supplement will inspire you to up your game to new heights.

More than just protein providers

When you think of Musashi, you may associate the brand first and foremost with Musashi protein bars, stacked with flavour and protein to re-energise you post-workout or to keep you going throughout the day. 

However, not only does Musashi deliver quality products that work hard to help you hit your goals, but the brand also offers support and guidance to help you attain the best you can.

Offering training tools and programmes to fuel, bulk, shred and recover, Musashi offers advice on how to incorporate your wellbeing products into recipes — with various nutrition and training programs for you to access. It’s all part of the service, reflecting the Musashi values of quality performance.

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Every Musashi protein product reflects the brand’s values of exceptional quality and unrivalled performance. In other words, they’re a reflection of you as an athlete, always striving to push yourself out of your comfort zone. That’s why they’re one of our staple brands, never disappointing and always delivering targeted nutrition to help you hit your goals.

Take advantage of our fast and free delivery service across New Zealand so you can get the products you need to complement your regime without delay. Our speed and efficiency, combined with our commitment to quality products that deliver, mean we are New Zealand’s first choice supplements store!

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