In 2009, self-professed fitness freaks Alex Savva and Don Gavreau founded PharmaFreak to create and distribute some of the best sports supplements in the industry. Each supplement uses only the highest-quality ingredients and undergoes rigorous testing and studies to ensure you only get the good stuff.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a fitness enthusiast, you know that the best supplements offer the best results — and PharmaFreak only offers the best. From testosterone boosters and fat burners to sleep aid and post-workouts, PharmaFreak has everything you need to crush your health and fitness goal.

Shop our range of PharmaFreak products in New Zealand today for potent supplements that will forever change the way you work out.

PharmaFreak supplements

Get your daily dose of greens with Greens Freak, one of the most popular PharmaFreak supplements available. Made from a blend of high-quality, super greens, this supplement offers a complete mix of greens to support your health and performance — perfect for all the serious athletes out there.

Working on weight loss? Ripped Freak Hybrid fat burner offers a superpower fat burning formula that helps ensure your metabolism is working at its best so you can lose fat while still feeling great. Be sure to also check out PharmaFreak’s range of testosterone boosters and pre-workout for even more supplement options.

PharmaFreak protein

Build muscle and enable fat loss withthe PharmaFreak protein formula, one of the most popular products in our PharmaFreak NZ line. Made from a combination of slow-digesting casein powder, other protein and important amino acids, this formula is specially designed to target energy levels and muscles to help you achieve your goals.

PharmaFreak keto

Ripped Freak Keto powder is powered by ketone bodies, creating a keto-friendly supplement that enhances your workouts, invigorates your day and helps you maintain your focus. Even if you aren’t on a keto diet, PharmaFreak keto is a great way to boost your performance in and out of the gym.

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Shop our full range of PharmaFreak products today for access to all your favourite PharmaFreak supplements in New Zealand, including PharmaFreak protein and PharmaFreak Keto. While you’re here, enjoy some of the fastest shipping and best prices in NZ.

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