Whether you’re a pro bodybuilder training for your next competition, or just someone looking to improve your aesthetic - proper supplementation plays a big role in your success. Want better bodybuilding results? Check out Sportsfuel’s range of affordable bodybuilding supplements & testosterone boosters below:

Because it doesn’t matter how hard you work in the gym, if your diet and recovery are broken, you’re not going to achieve maximum results. That’s why it’s important to fill health or nutritional gaps with quality supplementation. In the past supplements were used as an “extra” to help with bodybuilding success. Now supplements are crucial to developing muscle, performing better in the gym and erasing unwanted fat.

Must Have Bodybuilding Supplements

1. Whey Protein

When it comes to muscle development, protein is essential. Especially whey protein, which encourages the muscle building and repairing process of protein synthesis. The whey protein found in food gives you what’s called “sustained protein.” Sustained protein is great for periods when you’re fasting (e.g sleeping), however it isn’t as beneficial for when you’re working out.

On the other hand, whey protein supplements deliver protein to your muscles much faster, helping to enhance muscle repair and gains. Athletes commonly take whey protein twice per day. Straight after training to help repair the damaged muscles and first thing in the morning. Taking protein in the morning can help raise your nitrogen levels, which drop when your body enters into a sleeping / fasting state.

2. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’S)

Considered the building blocks of protein, branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) should be an integral part of everyone’s supplement stack. The three BCAAs themselves: Leucine, Isoline and Valine are “essential amino acids” meaning they can improve your muscle mass and recovery rate when added to your diet.

BCAA’s are the only aminos which cannot be produced by your body. They can only be obtained by food or through supplementation. They’re also especially important for recovery, as they reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, and build additional muscle mass.

3. Creatine

Creatine has quickly become a must have supplement for athletes and bodybuilders alike. Backed by countless scientific studies, creatine has been shown to support size and strength gains. Especially creatine monohydrate, which is recognized as the best for increasing lean muscle mass and strength in the gym. Creatine can also be found in raw meat. However, in order to get a small teaspoon of creatine, you’d have to eat several kilograms of meat. Making supplementing a much easier and more convenient option.

Creatine produces “ATP” which is known as the energy molecule. This is what gives your muscles the boost they need to produce more power during high intensity training. With this new found energy to train harder, you’re naturally going to see better results. Creatine also hydrates your muscle tissue and overtime this allows them to grow bigger and stronger.

Take Your Bodybuilding Performance To The Next Level

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