Creatine Supplements

If you're looking for a science-backed supplement to help you achieve size and strength gains faster - Creatine is a must have. When used as part of your supplement stack, Creatine helps increase your lean muscle mass, improve workout performance and speed up recovery time.

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What Is Creatine And How Does It Enhance Athletic Performance?

Over the years Creatine has continued to make advances and take various forms. The popular supplement continues to be cited by the scientific and bodybuilding communities as a product that delivers on its promises of increased strength, energy and muscle size. Creatine can be used by the body as an immediate energy source and works by hydrating your muscle cells - which in turn promotes muscle fiber growth.

As mentioned above, Creatine also comes in many different forms. These include: pure powder, capsules or carb, and creatine mixes. Each with its own benefits depending on your health and fitness goals.

Wish You Could Go Harder At The Gym For Longer?

The key to enhancing your endurance and stamina during workouts is giving your muscles a consistent supply of energy. This is what will ultimately help you push through those last few reps. Creatine gives you that extra energy. You see, creatine is a type of amino acid that is stored in muscle tissue and can be converted into the molecule “ATP.” ATP is a high energy molecule that gives us the energy we need to do pretty much everything.

By supplementing with Creatine, you’re keeping your muscles primed with energy. Allowing you to continue to go hard at the gym and get the results you want. For bodybuilders and pro athletes especially - creatine is crucial to success in the gym. Because of the intense nature of their workouts, they need that extra energy to push through. Allowing them to use their maximum strength and power for longer.

Creatine Comes In Many Different Forms

One of the most popular varieties of Creatine is “Creatine Monohydrate.” CM is an affordable and heavily studied form shown to boost strength and power. Another popular variety of Creatine is “Micronised Creatine.” This form is easy to mix and simple for the body to digest. Feel free to check out more of our selection of creatine supplements. And don't hesitate to contact us if you need help choosing the right product for your fitness and health goals.

The Benefits Of Supplementing With Creatine:

  • Gives you noticeable strength and size gains.
  • Helps you recover faster.
  • Improves sprint performance.
  • Increases brain function and clarity.

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