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Switch Nutrition stand by 5 core principles - Science-Based Formulas, Constantly Improving, Educate to Motivate, Quality Ingredients, and Radical Transparency. If you're after a brand that stands by their products, with the results to match then make the SWITCH to Switch Nutrition!

Lets expand on these principles:

SCIENCE-BASED FORMULAS. This doesn’t just mean quoting studies to sound smart. The sciences of nutrition, genetics, and biochemistry are still in their infancy. But waiting on the sidelines for some magical day when researchers finally just “get it” would be silly. Instead, we’re committed to getting in the game! We won’t just be up-to-speed with the literature; we also want to conduct the studies themselves. Our aim is to partner with research institutions to study things like how Switch NutritionTM products affect physical and mental performance and well-being. We currently Beta-test all our products in average people and elite athletes. That’s the only way to produce products that are not only good on paper, but also prove their worth in the real World.

CONSTANTLY IMPROVING. The human body is exceedingly complex. The scientific community has not yet mapped out all metabolic pathways. We’re still scratching the surface, so it would be arrogant to assume we’ve created the perfect formulas. However, with what we know right now Switch NutritionTM products will get the job done better than most. At Switch NutritionTM we are not dogmatic, we are not attached to one specific formula. If science discovers something better we are fluid enough to improve rapidly.

EDUCATE TO MOTIVATE. Do you know the difference between vitamin B12 and vitamin B6? Do you know what exogenous ketones are and what all their benefits in the body are? If you don’t, don’t worry, you’re not alone; nutritional science is sparingly taught and there is just as much misinformation as information on the web. In fact, medical doctors may receive as little as 20 hours of nutrition education throughout all of medical school. Since Switch NutritionTM products should only be an adjunct to your diet, we want to help you become more knowledgeable about not just supplements but all the other choices you make during the day. We want to give you a useful framework of how to think about healthy living in combination to your supplement use.

QUALITY INGREDIENTS. Switch NutritionTM products should not be your only sustenance. Make no mistake, they are pretty awesome, but both socially, as well as biologically, you need variance. Nevertheless, we make sure that each Switch NutritionTM product contains only premium-quality ingredients that are batch tested for purity and potency. We also test every batch for microbiology, heavy metals and allergens. Our products are manufactured in a GMP and HACCP certified facility. When purchasing Switch NutritionTM products you will never buy impure and potentially harmful products that rely on cheap ingredients. You will get whats on the label... Nothing more and nothing less!

RADICAL TRANSPARENCY. For decades, the food and supplement industries have been able to shroud their ingredients, manufacturing processes, nutritional quality, and sourcing in obscurity. Switch NutritionTM promises to keep our products free from ‘proprietary blends’ that merely hide ingredient dosages from consumers. We want you to know exactly what you’re putting in your body with each and every Switch NutritionTM product.