General health supplements help by instantly giving you the vital nutrients you’re not getting from your diet. Essentially topping your body up with what it’s missing each day. Dietary supplements can also be used as preventative measures for certain health conditions and for people who are deficient in vitamins or minerals (e.g Iron).

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The Benefits Of General Health Supplements

Dietary supplements are designed to increase your daily intake of important nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. General health supplements include items like fish oils and healthy fats, multivitamins and antioxidants, womens / mens focused supplements and joint care supplements. While these products aren’t usually credited with exercise and workout gains - feeling healthier can give you a strong base to work from. Naturally this will help you to achieve your workout and performance goals easier.

Top Up Your Health Deficiencies

If you have any health deficiencies (such as lack of iron) the individual nutrients you need can be taken in supplement forms. They also come in larger doses than what your standard multi-vitamin provides. Supplemented nutrients can also help reduce the risk of specific medical conditions (e.g hypertension).

Increase Your Metabolism

Once you’re done eating, your body breaks down the carbs, fats and protein from your meal. While this is happening it also absorbs other nutrients present in your food. This absorbing process relies on a number of vitamins that you should be consuming each day. Not only this, according to Colorado State University, supplementing your diet with Vitamin B can help minimise the effects of various vitamin deficiencies. This includes skin disorders, joint pain, nerve damage and anemia.

Promote Muscle Tissue Maintenance and Repair

Dietary supplements can also help with the processes that occur naturally within your body without you even knowing it. Like muscle tissue maintenance and repair. Everything you do throughout the day puts a strain on your muscles. Whether it’s working out, or going grocery shopping. Special cells inside your body are constantly producing proteins to repair damaged tissue and replace it with new tissue. However, if you’re not getting the right vitamins, this muscle repair process can start to weaken. This is where vitamin D and calcium supplements can come in handy, as they help promote tissue growth and bone strength. Feel free to check out our vitamin D and calcium supplements if you think you may be deficient in these areas.

Also remember to advise your healthcare provider of any supplements you plan on taking, as well as any medication you’re currently taking. Everyone has different dietary needs, and once you know yours, you’ll be in a much better position to choose the ideal health supplements for you.

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