A heavyweight in the supplement industry, MusclePharm is an American nutritional supplement company founded in 2010, currently operating out of Burbank, California.

MusclePharm pride themselves on producing safe, effective and rigorously tested sports and nutrition products. The purpose of each product being to enhance athletic performance and personal health - without the use of banned substances.

MusclePharm’s supplements are for everyone, no matter what your fitness or health goals are.

MusclePharm products are Third Party Certified

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, USA Wrestling, the UFC’s Anderson Silva and Robbie Lawler. They all know a thing or two about quality sports and nutrition products. They also all chose to endorse MusclePharm products at one time or another.

MusclePharm products are all certified by globally recognised substance testing company, “Informed Choice.”

Products appearing on the Informed Choice tested product list have been tested for a range of banned sport supplements using highly sensitive techniques. That's how you know you’re purchasing trusted products.

Not only this, as mentioned above MusclePharm have also had endorsement deals with many pro athletes and sporting organisations over the years.

Including: USA Wrestling, golfer Tiger Woods, NFL players Patrick Willis and Chris Johnson, mixed martial artists Anderson Silva and Robbie Lawler (UFC), MLB player Bryce Harper, and bodybuilder Obi Obadike.

What Makes MusclePharm Different?

The MP team put it best themselves:

“Our Team Philosophy Is We Live This, That Means We Know What To Make For You.”

A team of current and former athletes, MusclePharm only make products they personally believe in and use every day.

MP products are made by real athletes. People who know the struggles pro athletes and fitness enthusiasts go through (especially with low quality supplements).

What Type Of Products Do They Offer?

The MusclePharm range includes some of the safest and most advanced supplements in NZ.

From pre-workouts and protein powders to multivitamins, BCAA and Glutamine, their vast range of sports and nutrition products cater to people of all fitness levels.

Whether you’re a professional athlete looking to maximize your performance, or someone who’s just started hitting the gym again - MusclePharm have the ideal products for you.

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