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Muscle Nation is one of Australia's leading supplement brands. With a community and culture like no other - it's easy to see why they're one of the fastest-growing, innovative and unique brands in the industry. 

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Who is Muscle Nation? 

Muscle Nation started as a shared dream between two mates. The company was first established in Brisbane, Australia in 2016. The brand quickly became a cult-classic in the health and fitness industry and although they remain a family-owned and operated company- they're now an internationally recognised and respected brand, with an incredibly loyal and dedicated customer base.

Staying true to their beginnings, the team are super-passionate about giving back to the locals. They donate yearly to charities and organisations in need, such as the Children's Hospital and the Australian Bush fires that devastated their country in 2020.

Plus, they source their protein from New Zealand. So, if you choose to buy Muscle Nation - you're also choosing to support NZ-based dairy farmers - pretty cool, huh?

From protein powders to modern-day, trendy activewear - they've got you covered in all areas of health and fitness.

What are the most popular Muscle Nation products?

Custard Casein

Custard Casein took the world by storm after it's initial launch. Casein Custard contains unique, high-quality ingredients which boost muscle growth and help your muscles to repair. This Casein formula contains glutamine and MCT oil, for reduced hunger cravings, boosted immunity and digestion. 

Your custard is best enjoyed right before bed, as a great-tasting substitute for your favourite treat. Each serving has a decent amount of protein which helps to nourish your muscles whilst you sleep. Indulge in your choice of dessert-themed flavours such as Strawberry Cheesecake, Rocky Road and Coconut Caramel with real pieces of cookies, marshmallow and honeycomb.

Destiny Fat Burner 

Looking for a product that boosts your metabolism, suppresses your appetite,  improves your mood, focus and energy - without the all-too-common jitters, that you get from regular high-caffeine supplements? Destiny is formulated with Acetyl L-Carnitine (a proven fat metaboliser and weight loss ingredient) and Nootropics (smart little chemicals which increase your mental clarity and give you that up-beat feeling throughout the day).

Destiny is a strong and effective fat burner, made with clean and safe ingredients - that won't give you a massive energy crash. Shop Destiny from Sportsfuel today! 

Legacy Pre-Workout 

Ask any expert to take a look at the ingredient panel on the Legacy Pre-workout, and we can guarantee they'll approve of its list of smart, safe and proven-effective ingredients. Legacy is a best-seller 'cause it's formulated without any of the nasty, cheap chemicals found in typical pre-workout supplements. Experience increased pump, volume, energy, power and endurance in your workout sessions and see a difference in the gym today!

Who can take Muscle Nation supplements?

Muscle Nation products are ideal for people of all capabilities and skill levels. No matter where you're at in your fitness journey they've got products that can be catered to anyone and everyone.

The entire MN collection is specifically formulated without gluten, plus, they're non-GMO so they're better for you and the environment. The entire collection is naturally-made and low in calories - perfect for anyone on a weight-loss journey! 

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