Maximise your exercise regime by taking pre-workout supplements. They’re an efficient way to make the most of your workout and enhance your performance, especially when it comes to boosting your energy and endurance.

Available in a variety of flavours, mix your pre-workout supplements of choice with water to create a tasty energy-inducing drink before your workout. 

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What are pre-workout supplements?

Pre-workout supplements are used by gym-goers and athletes alike to assist in enhancing athletic performance by increasing endurance, energy and focus during a workout. Our pre-workout supplements combine a mix of caffeine, amino acids, sugar, B vitamins and electrolytes.

What pre-workout powder can do for you

Each ingredient in your pre-workout powder can have its own unique effect on your body and your performance. Let’s take a look at some of the common components of pre-workout supplements and how they can assist you:

  • Caffeine — A natural stimulant that can help sharpen your focus and concentration, boost your energy levels and supercharge your metabolic rate.
  • Amino acids — Commonly used in other supplements, amino acids include citrulline, arginine, taurine and beta-alanine. Amino acids are used to repair and grow new muscle fibres so that when you break down muscles during your workout, they'll be able to quickly repair and build up again.
  • Citrulline — Known to cause vasodilation, the opening of blood vessels, citrulline helps your blood flow and lowers blood pressure during a workout so you can get all the oxygen you need to push yourself.
  • Arginine — Once in the body, arginine transforms into nitric oxide, which can help improve circulation.
  • Taurine — Taurine has the ability to boost your endurance, increase fat burning and reduce the risk of muscle damage.
  • Beta-alanine — This amino acid helps improve athletic performance and build lean muscle.
  • B vitamins — These vitamins play a key role in turning your food into energy. So, when taken as a pre-workout, they can help accelerate fat burning. They also help keep your brain, nerves, muscles and heart in top condition, which is essential for any budding athlete.

These are just a few examples of the ingredients that make up some of the best pre-workout supplements. Combined, they offer a powerful boost to the effectiveness of your workout, inspiring you to achieve more and better!

Types of pre-workout supplements

Just as there is a whole spectrum of pre-workout ingredients that can boost your performance, different supplements will target different aspects of your athletic achievement. You can choose a supplement that focuses on your energy levels, lean muscle building or mental focus to help you smash your workout. Or select a great all-rounder that will cover all bases, giving you the boost you need to attain optimal performance.

For all-rounded fitness benefits, use pre-workout supplements in combo with other supplements to increase performance.

Pre-workout supplements NZ

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