Pre Workout

Giving 110% at the gym is what everyone strives for, but finishing just as strong as you started often seems impossible. Taking a pre-workout supplement allows your exercise performance to sky rocket, boosting energy and endurance during high intensity workouts. If you want to feel unstoppable during your next gym session and beyond, check out Sportsfuel's range of the best pre-workout supplements New Zealand has to offer.

Please note: We do not recommend the use of pre-workouts for persons under the age of 18.

What does pre workout do?

Pre-workout supplements fuel your body with a variety of nutrients to help you get maximum results from your workouts. They are specifically formulated with ingredients like caffeine, nitric oxide, amino acids and creatine to increase energy, boost stamina and promote better circulation to your muscles.

Almost all pre-workout supplements contain creatine, which is known to boost energy production in muscle cells. Another main ingredient is caffeine, which stimulates the bodies central nervous system, improves reaction time and can reduce fatigue. Nitric oxide increases blood flow which can improve performance by widening blood vessels, increasing the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to working muscles.

Pre workout is ideal for cardio and sports where mental alertness, focus and explosive energy is important.

Should you use pre workout?

If you seem to frequently lack energy, or find it difficult to make it through an entire workout then this supplement might be the one to assist you with your fitness needs. Whether your goal is weight loss or to increase muscle strength and performance, adding this to your routine could be very beneficial to increase energy levels, endurance and muscle recovery, all while upping your daily levels of amino acids.

This is a very easy to use supplement, with most being in powder form to stir into water. They can give you the right energy boost to help you operate at your peak during exercise.

Is pre workout bad for you?

If taken in proper doses, pre-workout supplements are a great, safe option for an energy boost. There can however be some side effects if taken in high doses or consumed too often. These can include increased blood pressure and impaired sleep due to the caffeine levels. Excess use of nitric oxide, a common ingredient, can cause some stomach discomfort.

Generally speaking, pre-workout supplements are an easy way to get the beneficial nutrients like amino acids, needed for accelerated focus, performance and sharpness in the gym.

Does pre workout make you gain weight?

Pre-workout supplements themselves will not make you more susceptible to weight gain. Taking these supplements allows you to feel more energised and exercise at a higher level for longer, which can actually lead to increased calories burnt and more weight lost.

The creatine levels in some pre-workout supplements may cause some water retention, however this is rare.

Caffeine is one of the most common ingredients in pre-workout supplements, and for good reason. Caffeine has been proven as a key ingredient in aiding in fat loss. This is because of its unique ability to raise the body's thermogenesis and fat oxidation. It also boosts your metabolism and helps you feel less hungry.

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