Supplements are the backbone of a healthy, fitness diet β€” helping you gain muscle, lose fat and improve your strength. With powerful supplements from Mutant, you'll be able to make serious gains and enjoy more energy than ever before. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or advanced lifter β€” just add one of these bad boys to any workout routine for increased results!

Mutant has won several awards for its products, including Supplement of the Year for Mutant Whey and Weight Gainer of the Year for Mutant Mass. Their supplements in New Zealand are made from quality ingredients and without the use of fillers or additives. Each ingredient is carefully chosen for its specific role in helping you reach your fitness goals quickly and safely.

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Mutant Whey Protein

Mutant's best-selling protein powder has been reformulated and improved with an even more delicious taste, thanks to natural stevia extract. This amazing protein powder helps you get the muscle-building amino acids you need, quickly, without making you feel bloated or heavy. Use Mutant Whey Protein before workouts, after workouts and between meals for increased recovery and lean muscle growth.

Mutant Mass Gainer Protein

Mutant Mass Gainer Protein is designed for those who need additional calories to help them gain weight and build lean mass. With 56g of protein per serving, Mutant Mass protein powder is a great choice for those who want to bulk up quickly.

Mutant BCAA

Mutant BCAA is one of the best amino acid supplements on the market. If you're looking for extra strength and endurance to help you power through your workouts, this supplement includes 9.7g of amino acids in just one serving combined with a hydrating electrolyte blend.

Become superhuman with Mutant Mass NZ

You can buy the full range of Mutant sports supplements, including Mutant carnitine, pre-workout, MCT oil, protein bars and Mutant Multivitamins at Sportsfuel New Zealand.

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