Amino Acids are the perfect intra-workout supplements. They provide your muscles with a steady supply of the amino acids they require to heal and repair.

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What are Amino Acids and why should you use them as a supplement?

Amino Acid Supplements are often used during and after workouts, think of them as an energy drink for your muscles. Usually these Amino drinks will not contain sugary carbs like traditional 'energy drinks' so they will not add extra calories to your diet. They provide muscle building blocks in the form of BCAAs and Aminos, the are proven to help you recover faster and build/retain muscle after and during workouts.

A crucial training aid
Amino acids are a crucial training aid. Amino Acids or BCAA’s are best consumed during or after a workout. Being the building blocks of protein they supply your muscles with a constant supply of the amino acids they need to repair and grow.

A delicious drink
Amino acids, as well as being highly beneficial to your body and training taste delicious. You can add some delicious flavours to your water such as cherry, watermelon, blue raspberry and grape to name but a few!

Better Hydration
Brands like Optimum Nutrition also include electrolytes in their amino acid blends, which allows your body to replace the electrolytes it lost during training, and sweating of course leading to better hydration.

Help reduce muscle soreness
Decreased muscle soreness is a huge benefit when supplementing with Aminos. Some research suggests Aminos can help decrease muscle soreness after a workout as well as helping to reduce exercise fatigue.

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