Protein Powder

A quality protein powder shake is the single most important thing you can consume daily to recover and build new muscle tissue after working out - regardless if you are new to working out or are a seasoned pro. In short, muscle wouldn't exist without protein. So check out our wide range of high-quality Protein Powders here!

Protein Powder: More Information 

The recommended daily protein intake for men is 65g and women is 50g. Considering that eating five hard-boiled eggs a day is the equivalent of getting roughly 31g of protein, and the rest must be accounted for by including calculated amounts of natural yoghurt, tempeh, bacon or ground beef, a grilled chicken breast and/or tofu, you’re looking at an impractical and time-consuming routine.

While you can get protein from food sources you could also use protein powders as an easy & fast addition to your diet, which ensures you are meeting your daily requirements. Protein shakes are a convenient solution for when you get busy and need to get your protein in right away.

It isn’t practical or safe to rely entirely on natural sources of protein

There’s also the little fact that a ¾ block of tofu contributes 311 calories and 20g of fat, and more if you plan to dig into some delicious bacon slices for breakfast. And if you still plan to get your protein intake solely from natural sources, there is a risk of eating too much protein, which will make your kidneys work harder, affect bone health and put your body out of whack.

Thankfully, you can meet your daily protein target in a simple, effective and cost-effective way. Protein powder is the manna that athletes, body-builders and individuals on a weight management program swear by to bulk down (or up), build muscle mass, and boost energy levels.

Buy protein powder instead

A protein shake is the go-to drink after a workout, and you can make your drink as simple or elaborate as you want. Simply add water to the protein powder, shake and drink, or add some to a blender with milk, nut butter and fruit as a delicious replacement for a snack. You can add it to your meals in numerous ways, from soups, doughnuts and burgers to waffles and oats.

There are many reasons why protein powders have become an inextricable part of fitness, bodybuilding and athletic performance goals. Here is a look at some.

Benefits of protein powders

  • Want to fortify with protein to improve muscle strength and size? Studies have found that protein supplements build muscle in adults who lift weights.
  • Looking to shed a couple of pounds? A 2017 review indicates that whey protein supplementation may reduce body weight and total weight mass in overweight and obese individuals, thereby lowering their risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Protein supplements have emerged as the single-most popular way of repairing damaged tissues and muscle after a workout. To aid recovery and improve muscle protein synthesis after intense exercise, protein supplements NZ are hard to beat. 
  • Athletes with high performance demands, elite sports persons, older adults and individuals living with chronic illnesses may need to exceed the daily recommended protein intake. A top-quality and cheap protein powder will be extremely useful in helping this group meet their goals.

Protein powders can be used as meal replacements, snacks or recovery drinks. If you need help finding the best powder for your specific needs and goals, feel free to contact us for assistance. Otherwise just check out our wider range of high-quality of Whey Protein or Pea and Plant Protein here!