Looking for high-quality supplements, suitable for the whole family? Shop the Clinicians range at Sportsfuel and experience powerful, highly-effective formulas - blended by nature and science! From women's health to stress, sleep and immune system support - Clinicians' range of vitamins and minerals have you covered in all areas of health and wellbeing.

What is Clinicians?

Clinicians was first established in the '90s by a group of pharmacists. Sick and tired of seeing the same problems in their patients, the experts behind Clinicians set out to cure common health conditions, caused by the imbalances in modern-day diets and lifestyles. Their unique formulas are designed to work along-side modern medicine and help your body work effectively without relying on prescribed medication.

The Clinicians team today is made of a huge range of experts, from across all sorts of industries, such as nutrition, medicine, biochemistry and pharmaceutical science. Clinicians' ethos is to provide natural health solutions to those suffering from specific and general health conditions.

The Clinicians range

Clinicians produce high-quality, vitamins and minerals, made with natural, scientifically proven ingredients - designed to get your body working to its full potential. All Clinicians products are formulated with vege capsules. Check out our huge Clinicians range available here at Sportsfuel and start taking care of your body today!


Hi-Dose Vit C is a high-dosage of Vitamin C designed to support the body's defence against ills and chills throughout the winter - as well as boost antioxidants protection!

Everyday Health

Magnesium is used to support heart health, healthy blood pressure, deep sleep, as well as muscle relaxation and recovery after intense exercise. We recommend all athletes take a magnesium supplement daily!

Omega-3 Fish Oil is used to support a healthy heart, joint health, brain health, balanced mood and aid fat-loss. Omega-3 fatty acids are hard to get from modern-day diets - so, we highly recommend taking a fish oil supplement daily as it supports many different aspects of general health!

Women's Health

Women's Hormone Support (DIM) helps the liver balance oestrogen levels in the body. DIM's are used to treat the symptoms of oestrogen dominance, such as breast discomfort, fluid retention and irregular menstrual cycles. Suffer no more with Women's Hormone Support!

Rejuvenate is the ultimate beauty formula! Made with NZ-sourced Marine Collagen, Rejuevante works by improving skin elasticity, plumpness, hydration and encouraging shiny, bouncy hair and strong nails.

Flora Restore is one of Clinicians revolutionary products! Flora Restore is a unique oral probiotic that works to support the natural flora or good bacteria in the vagina and bladder, whilst eliminating the bad stuff. This is an excellent supplement for menopausal women or those who are trying to get pregnant!

Stress, Sleep & Mood

Sleep Science is a natural herbal formula, designed to keep you asleep during periods of prolonged stress. Sleep Science works by encouraging feelings of calmness before bed and regulates your body temperature while you sleep - pretty cool, huh?

REM Sleep is a long-term sleep support formula, designed to promote healthy sleep, balanced mood and helps you to feel awake and refreshed in the morning! Feel well-rested every day with this awesome sleep support formula!

Focus & Performance

Brain Boost with Cognizin is made to support mental clarity, energy and focus - this supplement is particularly helpful for teenagers who are struggling to focus at school or older people who are suffering from age-related forgetfulness.

Joint & Bone Health

MobiJoint supports joint mobility, comfort and natural healing in the body. This supplement is particularly helpful for those who are suffering from back problems!

Joint & Muscle Ease Spray can be used after sport or a heavy workout session to support muscle relaxation. This unique formula is non-sticky and has a sweet peppermint scent! We also recommend this unique product for individuals who suffer from a stiff back or shoulders from hunching over an office desk!

Sunshine Vitamin D3 with Vitamin K3 is designed to support bone health and a healthy immune system. This Vitamin D supplement is also great for those who suffer from low mood during winter!

Specific Health Support

Blood Sugar Balance and Hi Dose Chromium both help to manage appetite cravings and support healthy blood sugar levels in different ways, whilst boosting the metabolism and aiding liver function. We recommend consulting with your doctor or pharmacist to see which would work best for you and your specific health condition!

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