A trademark of well known dairy exporter, Nutrition Direct Limited - “Eat Me” are a sports and nutrition supplement company based in New Zealand. Looking for affordable and great tasting nutrition supplements? Check out Sportfuel’s range of Eat Me products below:

Eat Me provide a range of locally and internationally sourced nutrition products - including protein powders, amino acid supplements, weight loss products and more. The company pride themselves on their high standards, especially when it comes to the taste of their products. With each product going through a rigorous trial process, where each product is personally taste-tested until satisfactory.

Eat Me - A Fresh Approach To Sports Supplements And Nutrition

Everyone comes with different health and nutrition needs. And just like it’s a good idea to personalise your workout program, it’s an even better idea to personalise your nutrition to fit your needs. With their range of innovative sports and nutrition products, Eat Me give customers a range of unique choices, ensuring you never have to compromise on your nutrition or goals. Eat Me’s ever-growing community includes everyone from beginners to elite athletes. As users and athletes themselves, the team behind Eat Me set out to craft a line of products that work, aren't loaded with “filler” ingredients and most of all - don't cost a fortune.

The team are also constantly on the hunt for the latest natural ingredients. They never compromise on the quality of their products and bring you the best supplements from all corners of the globe.
We are your trusted source for supplements and nutrition with absolutely no compromise in quality.” - Eat Me.

Exceptional Tasting

Eat Me pride themselves on the taste of their flavoured products. Each product also goes through rigorous trials and is personally taste-tested until it’s just right.

Maximum Flexibility with Eat Me products

Powders, tablets and capsules - Eat Me products come in all of the different forms you can think of. This way you can choose supplements that best suit your needs. They understand that everyone is different. And by providing multiple sizes and endless flavours, you’ll be hard pressed to not find the perfect products for you.

Massive Choice

Eat Me are always looking to be on the cutting-edge of sports nutrition. On average, they launch a new product every 3 months. With their massive range of products, you can find the nutritional mix that personally works best for you.

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