Giant Sports is the brainchild of three nutrition experts with more than 75 years of health and nutrition experience between them. Looking for sports and nutrition supplements you can trust? Shop Sportfuel’s range of Giant Sports products below.

Giant Sport's aim? To take their knowledge and experience, transforming it into their own sports supplement brand. All the while making it their mission to formulate and create products that are dramatically superior to those currently on the market.

Giant Sports stand behind the science, formula and purity of every product they make. They’re not trying to hide anything, and encourage customers to read their product labels. Their range of products include: Aminos / BCAAs, keto drinks, pre workout, protein and weight loss powders and more.

Giant Sports Supplements: Constant Improvement and Innovation

The team at Giant aren’t into imitating and copying what’s already out there. Instead they dedicate their time and effort into creating innovative products that actually improve on similar products on the market. In their own words: “At Giant, if we can’t find a way to improve - dramatically - over what is currently being sold in a particular category then we will not produce and sell a product into that category.”

The Importance Of Taste

Giant Sports have become well known for their great tasting supplements. This is down to their total dedication and emphasis on creating, not just a supplement with all the health benefits, but the one that tastes fantastic too. They’re aware of how big a role taste plays in the enjoyment and overall use of sports supplements. After all, if something tastes good it’s going to make it far easier for you to stick to your nutritional routine.

Giant Sport's Commitment To Quality Control And Research

When it comes down to it, Giant Sports aim to create products that noticeably improve your life. They believe they have a responsibility to their customers throughout the entire process. From ingredient selection, to product taste, all the way to where their products are manufactured and stored before distribution. They strive to be open and honest about the entire process.
“We don’t add anything that we wouldn’t give to our own families, so you can rest assured you’re getting the absolute best.” - Giant Sports

Better science equals better results. All Giant Sports supplements and proteins are subjected to extensive research and professional review before manufacturing. Their products are also produced in cGMP facilities, feature 100% open labeling, no proprietary blends and are NSF Certified.

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