Looking for intelligent nutrition? What we put in is what you get out! Horleys boast a range of superior sports supplements backed by science and innovative ingredients. When you see the word Horleys, you know you are getting quality. Take a look at the large Horleys range below:

Horleys - Expert knowledge blended into your nutrition

A brand that’s been built on passion. The Horleys team have always shared a love of sport, fitness and health. Since their foundation in New Zealand over 40 years ago, they have complemented that passion with expert knowledge on performance nutrition, resulting in today’s range of highly effective performance supplements that proudly carry the Horleys name. Horleys specialise in nutrition and dietary supplements and are committed to providing specialised, quality products that give consumers a physical advantage, whatever their goals might be.

Intelligent sports nutrition for the superior athlete

Horleys is intelligent sports nutrition, so each innovation is backed by robust science and user insights. Their quality control, product formulation and packaging standards are rigidly maintained, with all products independently tested to verify their ingredients. If you want the best then Horleys is the brand for you.

Products for athletes, sports people and bodybuilders alike
No matter what your sport, physique or experience, Horleys is constantly developing supplement innovations to help you achieve your goals. They remain staunchly committed to natural bodybuilding and drug free competition ensuring quality yet trustworthy products.

Get that physical edge with Horlyes products

What can you get from the Horleys range? Boasting a huge product range, Horleys can offer you the following:

Lean Muscle Gain – Unrivalled sports technology to support building lean muscle. Achieve your goals faster.
Weight/ fat loss – Products to assist in your weight loss to help you achieve your goals faster.
Muscle Mass Gain – All the resources you need to support your training for maximum gains.
Weight Gain – Achieve optimum weight gains for graded sport, enhanced physique and health.
Pre-workout – Make the most of every workout with the energy and nutrients you need.
Post workout recovery – Whatever the reason for your training, recovery plays a crucial role in achieving your goals.
Energy – Products to supply energy to working muscles, boost energy levels and feel ready to tackle your training.
Hydration – Superior hydration for sport and fitness: faster recovery and better performance.

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