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    The effects of ageing on testosterone

    In both men and women, testosterone levels peak between 25 to 30 years of age β€šΓ„Γ¬ and thereafter drop approximately 1-2% annually. At the age of 60, testosterone levels are typically only 40-50% of youthful levels and may be lower due to stress and related lifestyle issues such as diet, exercise, and sleep patterns.

    The following graph is a representation of the level of testosterone as they decline for a man and woman. This decline may beβ€š abnormal, but not healthy. Sometimes as we age, our fat mass increases, creating an unhealthy higher level of oestrogen and a rather depressing lower level of testosterone.

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    Signs and symptoms of excess Oestrogen

    Oestrogen holds subcutaneous fat and fluid in these areas

    • hips
    • buttocks
    • thighs
    • breasts and chest
    • backs of the arms
    • love handles
    • lower back
    • lower abdomen
    • poor muscle mass and quality
    • poor muscle definition
    • excessive subcutaneous and intramuscular fat

    The following are a list of symptoms of Oestrogen dominance

    • Increased worry, intuition and gut instincts
    • Exaggerated stress response and harder to switch off so can dwell on things
    • Good long-term memory with poor short-term memory
    • Running on autopilot most of the time
    • Can crave sugar and chocolate
    • Mood swings are aggravated and follow pattern with menstrual cycle or moon
    • Can trigger headaches and migraines
    • Poor circulation, sometimes bruising and varicose veins
    • Bloated and fluidy abdomen, hips and thighs.
    • Fluid retention
    • Breast lumps and bumps
    • Ban increased risk of blood clots, DVTs, bruising and cramps
    • Poor blood sugar control high or low blood sugar, leading to sweet cravings
    • Cellulite and obesity
    • Emotional, nervous and sleep disturbances
    • Conditions such as endometriosis
    • Excessive period pain
    • PMT with excessive emotional and mood fluctuations
    • Heavy periods
    • UTIs and Thrush

    There are numerous causes of Oestrogen dominance. Here are some of the causes of Oestrogen dominance

    • Inefficient Oestrogen detoxification and elimination
    • Excessive endogenous Oestrogen production due to
    • Excessive fat mass
    • Increased aromatase activity converting testosterone to Oestrogen
    • Other hormonal imbalances i.e. hypothyroidism and hypercortisolaemia

    Excessive exogenous Oestrogen exposure and accumulation from

    • Plastics
    • Pesticides
    • Fertilizers
    • Petrochemicals
    • Pollution
    • Foods
    • Cosmetics and sunscreens
    • Genetics
    • Family history of Oestrogen dominance
    • Inherited genetic MTHFR gene polymorphisms
    • HRT and certain oral contraceptive pills
    • Xeno- estrogens and EDCs (endocrine disrupting chemicals)
    • Iodine deficiency and / or hypothyroidism

    Nutrients found in Alpha Prime

    Sulphoraphane and NRF2 activator blend (Broccoli Sprout, kale and daikon radish)

    Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) extract

    Fucus vesiculosus (Bladderwrack) extract

    Tongkat Ali

    Orgen-FA folate

    Alpha Prime Take Home Message

    Alpha Prime contains the latest scientifically formulated and most potent form of natural medicines to help you achieve your health goals. If you have any doubt about taking such a product, please check with your health care professional to determine if you are a good candidate and how to best take.

    • Nutrition Information
    • The Nutritional Information stated above should be used as a guide only. Actual values may change from time to time if the manufacturers update their formulation. Values will also vary depending on flavours and sizes.

      Please click here to contact us if you have any questions regarding this product's ingredients.

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