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  • Great Kiwi service - based in Hamilton NZ
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  • 1.5kg PROTEIN POWDER BLEND | BUILD LEAN MUSCLE NOT FAT | High protein carb matrix with 3g creatine | Made with the highest quality whey & milk proteins |

    • Re-Fuel, Re-Build & Recover 
    • 50/50 ratio of protein to carbs 
    • Complete Amino Acid Profile 
    • Naturally sweetened, coloured and flavoured 
    • BCAA’s + Creatine + Glutamine

    Post workout is a time for the body to recover and adapt to your training stimulus. By providing the body with the nutrients it craves you can enhance and optimize your training status and improve your body’s ability to recover. Train hard and recover well. NITROVOL LEAN MUSCLE protein is the new breed of performance recovery protein. We know that you know how important post workout nutrition is, so we’ve updated and perfected what was the ultimate recovery formula and made sure you are able to give back to your body what you work so hard to take out. Now containing no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, NITROVOL LEAN MUSCLE will have you primed for whatever your athletic goals are in no time!

    NITROVOL Recovery Protein provides all the benefits of a recovery protein in the form of a nutritionally dense, functional protein shake. Once again, the formula has been created with quality and innovation in mind, meaning you’re not just getting another sports supplement product. NITROVOL uses quality Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate as well as a blend of nutritionally dense ancient grains to recover repair and rebuild your muscles post workout.

    In addition to the quality protein sources, NITROVOL LEAN MUSCLE provides a quality organic carbohydrate blend so that you’re also replenishing and refuelling your energy stores and preventing any hormonal imbalances that a post workout diet low in carbohydrates may create.

    Increasing protein intake post workout can help the body recover more efficiently and aid in many exercise advancements including gains in fat reduction, lean muscle mass and overall recovery. By providing your body with an adequate serve of protein post workout you ensure that your body does not need to further muscle breakdown within the body in order to repair and rebuild the damaged muscle tissue. Research has also shown that by ingesting a carbohydrate + protein mix post workout you can enhance glycogen resynthesise, increase recovery and increase fat oxidation. When combined with regular resistance training and a healthy diet, improvements in overall body composition and muscle size and strength can also be seen.

    The realization that there is more to creating a quality recovery protein than getting a blend of protein and carbohydrates together has lead to the incorporation of a diverse range of functional superfoods and grains, as well as the addition of various key recovery ingredients. Recovery will always be a process that, whether you like it or not, takes more time than your workouts ever will. The reality is that once you have finished a workout you’re still burning calories at an increased rate, thus you need to ensure you’re immediately fuelling these increased energy demands. Where NITROVOL differs is through its ability to promote a range of beneficial physiological effects at the cellular level that is unattainable through individual supplementation.

    No matter what type of athlete you are, you can reap the benefits from a quality recovery supplement. Even those who are on a strict low carbohydrate diet should seriously think about incorporating NITROVOL LEAN MUSCLE into their post workout regime, as it may actually be a lack of carbohydrates that is responsible for the inability to lose those last few kilos. . By limiting carbs post workout you limit the ability to recover which increases a stress hormone known as cortisol. If cortisol levels continue to rise the ability to lose body fat becomes harder again. And being a stress hormone, the more stressed you become (whether it’s work, exercise, unhappy with exercise results!) the more cortisol is produced.

    NITROVOL LEAN MUSCLE cares not only about your recovery and training status but also your health and well-being. It’s for this reason that we have eliminated artificial colours, sweeteners and flavours and incorporated a variety of functional superfoods. There is no need for empty calories and nutritionally insignificant ingredients and Nitrovol Primal ensures you are getting the upmost quality so you get the quality results you’re after.

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