Dragon Ball Z Frieza BCAA Explode 50 Serve

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  • Get to know BCAA Xplode Dragon Ball Z

    • High dose of BCAA amino acids per serving
    • Vitamin B6 and L-glutamine added
    • Sensational flavour
    • Up to 50 servings per jar!

    A tough workout leads to powerful muscle fatigue. There’s no other way for you to build the muscular body you’ve always dreamt of having. Hard work, diet, recovery of exhausted muscles is the key to success! Are you counting on our support? Try the BCAA Xplode Powder from the limited “Dragon Ball Z” edition. Now the supplement is available in a new packaging featuring a Piccolo, a self-healing figure well known to the fans of the popular Japanese anime!

    Reference to this mighty warrior is not accidental. BCAA Xplode Powder in the Delux Edition version contains a high dose of BCAA branched-chain amino acids (leucine, valine, isoleucine), helping every athlete working on lean muscle mass to reduce the signs of excessive fatigue[1] caused by an intensive workout.

    BCAA Xplode Powder in the limited “Dragon Ball Z” edition is not only a real, powerful dose of amino acids but also a new, sensational refreshing iced peach tea flavour!

    BCAA Xplode Powder Dragon Ball Z – ingredients

    Every athlete working on developing a muscular body must have their diet supplemented with BCAA amino acids. That’s why Olimp Laboratories experts, using innovative technology, have created BCAA Xplode Powder. This product facilitates meeting the demand for high-quality BCAA branched-chain amino acids and supplies twice as much L-leucine than L-valine or L-isoleucine. Since they are exogenous, the body is unable to produce BCAA amino acids on its own. That’s why it is important to have BCAA amino acids supplied from external sources. In this case supplementation with the Olimp Sport Nutrition branded product is an effective and safe method.

    The BCAA Xplode Powder preparation which takes the form of an easily soluble powder with a delicious Ice Tea Peach flavour has been supplemented, in addition to the amino acids, with vitamin B6 and L-glutamine, which are additional support in the process of building the body you’ve dreamt of having.

    BCAA Xplode Powder Dragon Ball Z – properties

    Reaching for BCAA Xplode Powder amino acids from the limited “Dragon Ball Z” edition, you can be sure that you supply as much as 6g of BCAA amino acids in each serving (10g)! Therefore, by regularly supplementing your diet with BCAA amino acids, it will be easier for you to nourish your muscles and increase your workout performance by reducing fatigue and muscle soreness[2]. What is more, you will receive solid support in building lean muscle mass and also reducing the symptoms of overtraining.

    And these are not all the advantages of the leading Olimp Sport Nutrition branded supplement. The addition of vitamin B6, which has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, helps reduce the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion, which is extremely important for prolonged workout sessions. What is more, vitamin B6 contributes to the maintenance of proper energy metabolism and supports the proper functioning of the immune system. Glutamine, in turn, helps to reduce muscle soreness[3] and facilitates better and increased transport of nitrogen to the muscles[4].

    BCAA Xplode Powder – how to take Dragon Ball Z edition amino acids?

    The Olimp Sport Nutrition branded preparation in the limited “Dragon Ball Z” edition is available in a 500g jar. This is equivalent to 50 servings suggested by the manufacturer! It is recommended to take 1 to 2 servings per day, ideally before or after a workout, before meals or before sleep. Dissolve 1 serving (10g) in 200 ml of cold water and consume directly after preparation.

    BCAA Xplode Powder cannot be treated as a substitute for a balanced diet. The product, whose individual ingredients were tested for heavy metals, is only an addition to the diet, facilitating the supplementation with high-quality BCAA amino acids.

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    • The Nutritional Information stated above should be used as a guide only. Actual values may change from time to time if the manufacturers update their formulation. Values will also vary depending on flavours and sizes.

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