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  • Clean, Lean Protein for muscle growth, recovery and repair.

    Nuzest Clean Lean Protein is a gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free protein supplement made from premium European golden peas and super-high protein content. The Nuzest formula contains all nine essential amino acids for a complete protein hit - perfect for muscle recovery and repair!

    Clean Lean Protein powder is suitable for athletes of all ages with all kinds of health and dietary needs. Clean Lean Protein is also low in fat, low in carbohydrates, GMO-free, 100% vegetable and contains no animal-derived ingredients; plus, it tastes great!

    This stuff is ideal for anyone wanting to feel and perform their best! Nuzest uses only high-quality ingredients in Clean Lean Protein - without any of the nasties. Plus, this unique formula is ultra-smooth and creamy, with no gritty or chalky texture. 

    The Benefits of Nuzest Clean Lean Protein

    • High in vegetable protein (20g of pea protein isolate per serving) for boosted recovery and increased muscle mass
    • Natural source of iron
    • Environmentally-friendly packaging
    • Contains a complete amino acid profile (all nine essential amino acids)
    • Only 1g of carbs, 1g of fat, 0g of sugar
    • High digestibility rating, which means it's easy to digest!
    • Tasty and easy to digest
    • No use of chemicals, additives or preservatives, artificial sweeteners or artificial flavours
    • Contains no common allergens (gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free)
    • GMO-free.

    Nuzest Clean Lean Protein comes in a few simple yet delicious flavours like rich chocolate, real coffee, wild strawberry and smooth vanilla, and a natural flavour. You can add Nuzest Clean Lean Protein to recipes and baking without affecting the taste.

    Made from high-quality vegetable protein sources and filled with dietary fibre, Nuzest Clean Lean Protein is easy to digest and incredibly gentle on the stomach - compared to other proteins such as whey or casein protein that can upset the digestive system.

    If you're looking for a super-nutritious, vegan protein that can be enjoyed post-workout, try Nuzest Clean Lean Protein today!

    Directions for use

    For best results, mix 2 scoops (35g) of Nuzest Clean Lean Protein in a shaker containing 300ml of water or plant-based milk such as coconut, rice or almond milk for a delicious smoothie.

    Clean Lean Protein servings per container: 40

    Is Clean Lean Protein good for fat loss?

    While it won't burn any excess fat on its own, Clean Lean Protein provides many health benefits which support healthy weight management. Not only is Clean Lean Protein low in fat, but consuming high levels of protein and low amounts of carbohydrates will leave you feeling fuller for longer, helping you to eat fewer calories throughout the day. However, be mindful, fat loss is a result of lifestyle changes, diet and daily activity level. 

    Many people store excess fat or suffer from excess bloating because of their diet. Consuming a large amount of gluten, dairy, and other triggering foods can lead to weight gain, even when exercising regularly. Most protein supplements are made from whey, which is a dairy product and has more fats than its vegetable protein counterparts, which can be problematic for some people when trying to lose fat.

    Eliminating inflammation-triggering dairy products and supplementing with a plant-based protein, such as Clean Lean Protein, or even switching to a whey protein isolate supplement, can definitely assist with fat loss.


    Nuzest Clean Lean Protein is made from the premium European golden pea protein isolate, which means it's a vegan protein. Quality European golden peas are an extremely sustainable protein source compared to other forms of protein that require excess water and land during production. Peas even add nitrogen back into the soil, believe it or not! Plus, Nuzest tubs are also 100% recyclable.

    Clean Lean Protein is full of nutrients and naturally sweetened with a protein derived from the 'African Serendipity Berry'. Although classified as a natural sweetener because it's a fruit protein, it absorbs into your body just like any other protein does - pretty cool, huh?

    Can Clean Lean Protein help me gain lean muscle?

    Clean Lean Protein is an excellent supplement if you're an athlete wanting to get real results from your workouts and increase muscle growth. Golden pea protein contains all of the essential amino acids needed for lean muscle growth, repair and recovery. Upping your protein intake will help your body repair and grow torn muscle tissue damaged during weight-lifting and exercise.

    Nuzest Clean Lean Protein provides 20 grams of high-quality European Golden Pea protein per serving, an ideal amount to consume post-workout to meet your protein requirements. Plus, because it is so easily digestible, it's sent straight to your muscles.

    Clean Lean Protein is a high-quality protein with powerful nutritional ingredients and environmentally friendly manufacturing. Plus, Sportsfuel offers free shipping New Zealand wide, so make sure to get your Clean Lean Protein today!

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