Sparta Nutrition Keto BCAA Peach Mango
Sparta Nutrition Keto BCAA Peach Mango
Sparta Nutrition Keto BCAA Peach Mango
Sparta Nutrition Keto BCAA Peach Mango

Sparta Nutrition Keto BCAA

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    At Sparta Nutrition they understand that not all supplements work for the keto lifestyle athletes out there. That is why they have created a line of products designed to maximize your performance, while also ensuring that your state of ketosis is enhanced -- not disrupted! The Sparta Keto Series is the ultimate line of keto-friendly supplementation.

    The Keto Series was designed to help you as a hard-training athlete while utilizing a nutrition protocol with minimal or zero carbohydrates. We understand that training is difficult when getting into ketosis. Stored glycogen disappears, electrolytes are low, and we can't cheat with carbs. We also understand that some protein and BCAA products can still spike insulin and blood sugar levels, so we designed a series of products to ensure that you get what you need, all the while maintaining that epic state of ketosis.

    Although many keto athletes and dieters understand the critical consequences of over-abundant carbohydrates in their diet, many fail to understand that proper protein and amino acid supplementation (and their timing) is an essential component to maximizing muscle tissue while working out on a keto lifestyle. At Sparta Nutrition, we understand this essential element of your life. That is why we set out to provide you with the premier line of keto minded products, to fuel your life and feed your training.

    So let's make sure that your workout doesn't go to waste. Meet Keto BCAA:


    Keto athletes shouldn’t have to sacrifice their fat-adapted state of ketosis in order to use in a quality intra-workout product. What makes Keto BCAA different from your standard branched- chain amino acid product?

    The main answer is that Keto BCAA contains BHB salts providing beta hydroxybutyrate, the primary energy source for keto dieters. It also contains a 2:1:1 ratio of branched-chain amino acids, with leucine leading the way. This is important because leucine is a ketogenic amino acid, and gets converted to ketones as well!

    Other "BCAA" supplements often contain several other amino acids, most of which are glucogenicand convert to glucose - the exact opposite of what a keto dieter wants. But that's not the case with Sparta Nutrition's Keto BCAA!

    This means that Keto BCAA is perfectly dosed to ensure you maximize your state of ketosis and enhance your workout endurance. While training, more ketones and a small amount of glucose from your body means you'll have two sources of energy to train on. Keto BCAA provides the hard part, and that's why it's the ultimate boost for Keto athletes. The primary functions and benefits of Keto BCAA are:


    Athletes and gym goers understand the vital role that amino acids play in the muscle repair process. Without branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), the body can’t signal for the repair and rebuilding of muscle tissue. The BCAAs are essential amino acids, meaning they need to come from food or supplementation for your body to get them!

    This is a significant problem for those who struggle to put on muscle mass yet aren't eating a ton of protein. A high-quality BCAA product will signal the Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) pathways in the body, which will allow the body to then utilize nutrients and amino acids to be used for muscle building. Why train in the gym if you're not going to give your muscles a chance to adapt, grow, and recover?

    Keto BCAA is a keto athlete’s solution for the ultimate experience in energy and endurance, fat utilization, muscle tissue repair and maintenance, and recovery. You don’t compromise in your training and now you don’t have to compromise with your supplements - even as a low-carb dieter.


    As a Keto-minded athlete, you want products to fuel your goals but have to be extra cautious to avoid products which may dampen your state of ketosis. Keto BCAA will ease your mind and become your go-to training partner. So what goes into Keto BCAA?


    Carbohydrates enhance training performance, so if we can't have them, can we utilize something else? The answer is very much yes.

    BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate) electrolytes are a form of exogenous ketones that can be supplemented at appropriate times, such as transitioning into keto or… training! Our BHB electrolytes will help sustain performance during physical activity -- performance that would normally be fueled by carbohydrates. Data proves that BHB is an excellent alternative to carbohydrates for endurance athletes.

    With 6 total grams of BHB electrolytes, Keto BCAA ensures you have ample energy to push through your workout. Traditionally, athletes rely on carbohydrates for energy sources, but the keto minded individual does not have that luxury.

    Keto BCAA packs a massive dose of Calcium BHB (2.5 grams), Sodium BHB (2 grams), and Magnesium BHB (1.5 gram) -- all minerals that get depleted when entering ketosis as it is!

    BCAAS (5.5 GRAMS)

    As discussed above, BCAAs are an extremely important aspect of muscle building and recovery, especially on a diet that doesn't allow for hundreds of grams of protein each day. BCAAs reduce the risk of your body catabolizing its own muscle tissue, and can assist if you are at the end of a fast, since they provide energy to the muscles when desperately needed. This is especially important for keto-training and keto athletes, as BCAAs in this amount will not spike insulin levels much at all.

    Keto BCAA uses a proven 5.5 grams BCAAs, at a proven 2:1:1 ratio. Keto BCAA packs 2.75 grams of Leucine, 1.375 gram of Isoleucine, and 1.375 gram of Valine.

    Sparta doesn’t offer average flavors. You spend hard earned dollars on your supplements for the best results, so what you buy should also be enjoyable to drink. We know you want to love your supplements from start to finish and we have delivered the ultimate taste experience. Keto BCAA comes in a fantastic Peach Mango flavor that will knock your socks off and make you forget about carbohydrates once and for all!

    No carbs? No problem.

    Branched-chain amino acids are quite common, but too often they contain "extras" in the form of glucogenic amino acids or artificial colors and flavors that our the keto community doesn't want to deal with. Keto athletes have been left in the cold for too long, and Sparta Nutrition has finally delivered a product to meet your needs in terms of your keto lifestyle, energy needs, and first-class flavoring.

    You should never compromise on the supplements you buy and with Sparta, you never will. Choose the best, choose Sparta Nutrition's Keto BCAA.

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