Zombie Labs Molotov Thermogenic Fat Burner

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    Zombie Labs Molotov Thermogenic Fat Burner

    Molotov is a potent energy & thermogenic formula designed to push you through your workout and stimulate fat loss!

    With its energy & super focus blend Molotov delivers fast acting energy and smooth focus to keep you dialled in throughout your workout.

    Onto its main function, Molotov combines scientifically proven thermogenic ingredients to maximise your body’s fat burning capacity - it perfectly complements a weight loss diet to help you achieve your goals.


    • High Energy Formula
    • Provides Hyper Focus
    • Sweat Bullets with the Super Shred Blend


    PERFORM LIKE A ZOMBIE – Zombies never stop despite the barriers in front of them. Molotov will provide you with the nutrients to go FULL ZOMBIE on your workouts or game.  

    BURN BABY BURN – Molotov contains nutrients like GBBGO® & Piperine to support thermogenesis and fire things up.

    BEYOND ENERGY – Molotov contains a blend of Caffeine, Synephrine, B Vitamins plus more to give you that beyond living dead boost. 

    HYPER FOCUS – Zombies stay focussed on one goal and the nootropic blend containing Mesembrine, Pterostilbene & Alpinia in Molotov will lock in your laser sharp focus on results.

    BALANCE – The addition of Chromium, Glycine, ALCAR and other essential nutrients helps to support that zombie balance and reduce your desire to chomp too much.

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