MusclePharm Combat 100% Isolate 5lb

MusclePharm Combat 100% Isolate 5lb

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How MusclePharm Combat 100% Isolate can accelerate your muscle-building

The best part about MusclePharm Combat 100% is that it has absolutely no carbs. That's right! If you're looking for a muscle-building protein that has no extra calories, MusclePharm is the obvious choice. The mix has finely filtered protein that contains no other carbohydrates, lactose, fat or sugars. So, you can accurately count all the calories you consume without having to account for extra ingredients.

Benefits of including MusclePharm Combat 100% in your daily diet

  • MusclePharm Combat 100% delivers 24 grams of 100% whey protein isolate per 27 grams
  • MusclePharm Combat contains high-quality protein, which is necessary for quick muscle-building
  • MusclePharm Combat 100% has no added fillers, whether they're carbohydrates, sugars or fats
  • The isolate proteins present in MusclePharm are highly digestible because they are in their purest form

After a workout, your muscles are starved of nutrition. MusclePharm Combat 100% has protein in the isolate form so it can be broken down by enzymes and absorbed immediately once it has been consumed. Typically protein powders contain some amounts of extra ingredients such as carbohydrates and fats. MusclePharm Combat 100% is designed to contain only protein and no other macro ingredients.

When training to meet fitness goals, you know the value of consuming even the smallest amounts of extra calories. That perfectly sculpted body you are after requires monitoring of calories very carefully, so you don't end up consuming more than your planned amount for each day. This can is achieved if the protein powder that you are consuming itself has some extra calories. That's why MusclePharm Combat is the perfect option for you to consider.

With MusclePharm Combat 100% Isolate, you enjoy a carb-free yet tasty, low-calorie and high-protein source. According to studies, fast-acting, highly bioavailable protein sources enhances the body's amino acid activity, which supports accelerated muscle growth. The consumption of fast-acting protein increases amino acid levels and muscle recovery.

With Combat 100% Isolate, you enjoy a zero-carb yet delicious, low-calorie, high-protein source. Studies suggest fast-acting protein sources can increase amino acid activity in the body and therefore supports muscle growth. The ingestion of fast-acting protein sources allows an increase in amino acid levels which means faster muscle recovery.

Looking for a pure protein source to enhance muscle growth and recovery? MusclePharm Combat is the right choice for you!

Please note: Some nutritional information may vary between flavours.

Nutrition Facts For MusclePharm Combat 100% Isolate 5lb

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

The best protein drink I’ve had.

Awesome Product | Vanilla

This is my first protein product recommended by my trainer. I bought Vanilla flavor. I love it. I added it into my almond milk & berry shake; It tastes so good and covers the excellent Macro combination. It keeps me full till lunch and within my cal intake. :)

Regarding SF, they provide a fantastic customer service. Quick Comms and Fast delivery. Thanks team, keep up the good work.

Best to gain lean muscle 💪

I really tried other product but I literally love this one.... it's going to show you changes in a week....stay on a track and you can achieve your goals...

Great Product

I have tried a few different brands that can cater for my allergies and intolerance's and have experienced the best gains and results with this product over the other's I have only been using for 2 months, and can guarantee it is safe for Gluten intolerance and Lactose intolerance as well as nut allergies, tastes great with both water and is exceptional with coconut milk. Highly recommend trying it.

Not the best

My goals are to build maximum muscle hypertrophy. I'm looking for a pure whey isolate, no fillers, thickening agents, as low as possible carb sugars, I'm looking to feed my muscle rather than my hips.
I'm happy to sacrifice taste and mouth feel for protein and nothing else. Your goals may be different.

Value for money is also a primary goal, as I'm consuming protein every 2.5 hours of the day

Products I've investigated within the last six months:

Mutant Whey 10LB $1.18 per serve
Balance Ultra Ripped $1.69 per serve
R1 Protein $1.51 per serve

MUSCLEPHARM COMBAT 100% CASEIN 1.8KG $1.98 per serve

Musclepharm Combat is a step up from Balance Ultra Ripped, has less in it, mostly just the stuff you need, it does seem to contain thickeners though, has good mouth feel (I don't need this), is better value for money than Balance Ultra Ripped, their marketing is good, it has a pretty label.