Energy Drink, Fat Burner, Health Wonder - X50 Green Tea Is A Real Allrounder

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Energy Drink, Fat Burner, Health Wonder - X50 Green Tea Is A Real Allrounder

Discovered over 4000 years ago, green tea is now widely recognised as one of the best “superfoods” out there. And for good reason. Studies have shown green tea extract can help boost your metabolism, burn more fat, increase your energy, and more. So you can’t really go wrong creating a supplement made from this natural wonder - which is exactly what Tribeca Health have done. And their newly developed health supplement: “X50 Green Tea + Resveratrol,” is creating quite a buzz among fitness and health communities.

What Is X50 Green Tea + Resveratrol?

X50 Green Tea + Resveratrol is a unique health supplement made from green tea extract and Resveratrol. You’ll most likely have experienced some of the benefits of green tea (it’s found in most energy boosting and fat burning supplements out there) However, you may not be aware of Resveratrol.
Resveratrol is an antioxidant produced by several plants in response to injury, or when the plant is under attack by bacteria or fungi. It’s also well known for its anti-ageing properties. Together these super ingredients create a health supplement that tastes great, comes with a load of health benefits and helps you realise your fitness or weight loss goals. X50 Green Tea also comes in convenient single serve sachets. All you have to do is mix with 600 ml of water, shake and then drink.

How Is X50 Green Tea Made?

X50 Green Tea is made using a unique extraction process. The idea being to concentrate the best part of green tea, Polyphenols (a category of chemicals that help combat cell damage) into this natural, gluten and vegan friendly powder. As mentioned earlier, the X50 range is made by Tribeca Health. Who are well known for their range of versatile health products - which all go through rigorous testing and quality control rounds.

The Health Benefits Of X50 Green Tea + Resveratrol:

  • Have more energy: X50 Green Tea + Resveratrol provides clean energy and helps improve your physical performance.
  • Burn more fat: The green tea in X50 can help promote “thermogenesis,” helping you to shed more fat.
  • Boost your metabolism: Green tea can help stimulate your metabolism and burn calories through increased energy expenditure.
  • Choose from a range of great tasting flavours: Delicious tasting and naturally sweetened. X50 also contains a mere 6-10 calories per serve, along with no added sugar.
  • Made from natural, plant based ingredients: X50 only uses natural, plant based sweeteners such as Stevia and Xylitol.
  • Filled with beneficial nutrients: To top it all off, X50 Green Tea contains a unique blend of amino acids, electrolytes, and vitamin C.

Who Is X50 Green Tea For?

X50 Green Tea is for anybody wanting a quick pick me up with the health benefits. If you’re trying to lose or maintain your weight, X50 is also a fantastic way to naturally support your fitness goals. According to customer reviews, X50 Green Tea has also helped users with other health problems such as: indigestion, acid reflux, lack of energy and over snacking.
One user even said X50 has now completely replaced their coffee and energy drink habit: “I have it in my morning shake which fills me up till lunch. I have replaced my energy drinks and coffee with this. I no longer need them anymore since starting in Jan 2018.”

If you’re interested in getting your hands on X50 Green Tea + Resveratrol, or if you simply want to know more about this unique product, feel free to check out X50 Green Tea in the Sportsfuel store.

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