Fat Loss

Fat Loss

  • A Complete Guide To Fat Burners

    A Complete Guide To Fat Burners

    Alex Mark, 24 November 2021

    Fat burners are supplements that can aid in weight loss or fat reduction, often through the use of natural fat-burning ingredients [1]. They typically work through a variety of methods...

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  • Top 10 fat burning foods

    Top 10 fat burning foods

    Switch Nutrition, 26 July 2021

    Top 10 fat burning foods The quickest way to burn fat is to reduce calorie intake and boost your metabolic rate. There are some effective supplements on the market that achieve this, like ketones. However, here are also a few foods that can help too: 1. Coffee 2. Coconut Oil 3. Fatty Fish 4. Eggs 5. Protein 6. Green Tea Extract 7. Probiotics 8. Apple Cider Vinegar 9. Turmeric 10. Chocolate In this article we will further discuss these top 10 fat burning foods and how you can incorporate them in your diet. 1. Coffee Arguably not a food but a beverage, coffee is regularly added to a lot of foods and supplements today. Coffee is the most consumed drink on the planet, surpassing tea. It is a source of many polyphenols, flavonoids and caffeine which have been shown to boost mood, energy, focus, alertness and physical performance. In one study, the group who consumed caffeine burned 2x more fat and were able to exercise 17% longer than the non-caffeine drinkers. Caffeine can also increase your metabolic rate between 3 – 13% depending on the amount of caffeine consumed. In another study where lean and obese individuals were given 100mg of caffeine every 2 hours for 12 hours, participants saw an increase in 150 calories burned compared to placebo. Beyond the caffeine in coffee, there are also other compounds (especially in green coffee bean of whole coffee fruit extract) that may support fat burning. One of these compounds is known as Chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid exerts many benefits. However, the most effective mechanism of action is the inhibition of the enzyme alpha-glucosidase. This enzyme is responsible for the breakdown and metabolism of carbohydrates. Therefore, inhibition of this enzyme may result in less energy absorbed from carbs eaten. Chlorogenic acid also increases PPAR-α which is responsible for thermogenesis and increasing heat production through the burning of body fat. Several studies support the fat burning benefits of caffeine and chlorogenic acid found in coffee. To get concentrated levels of these compounds together, try swapping out your standard coffee for Coffee Switch™, which contains single origin arabica coffee plus whole coffee fruit extract. 2. Coconut Oil Coconut oil has many different benefits. It is anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and immune-boosting. Coconut oil consists of a very unique form of fats called MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides). MCT’s are fast-burning, appetite-suppressing, brain-boosting, metabolism-increasing fats that may support fat loss. In your body, MCT's convert into ketones and many of the benefits may come from these signalling metabolites. In one study, men who added 2 Tbsp of coconut oil to their diet daily without any other changes in food or exercise saw a 1-inch decrease is waist circumference over 4 weeks. In another study individuals who consumed 15 – 30g of MCT's per day saw an increase in metabolic rate of 5% over 24 hours. That is equivalent to burning an extra 120 kcal per day. In addition, MCT’s may reduce muscle loss, increase metabolism and control hunger. All of these benefits combined are likely to significantly improve body composition. We would recommend using 1 – 2 Tbsp of coconut oil per day to replace other fats in your diet and consume MCT's where possible. You will find MCT's in Switch Nutrition products Keto Switch™, Coffee Switch™ or MCT Oil Powder, which can be added to coffee, shakes, smoothies, greens, baking, oats and much more. PRO TIP: Consider using Keto Switch™ between meals or during fasting for hunger control, brain boost and stimulant-free energy. It’s arguably one of the most effective appetite suppressants and by this action one of the most effective fat burners. 3. Fatty fish Who knew that adding fats (Coconut, MCT's & Fatty Fish) could burn fat?! Here’s the thing… consumption of fats stimulates the lipase enzyme which is a potent enzyme that breaks down body fat. Plus, fats are more filling so may reduce calorie intake. Additionally, fats do NOT increase insulin, so don’t shut off beta oxidation (fat burning) as quickly or easily. Fatty fish is loaded with omega 3 which is incredibly good for you. Omega 3 has been clinically proven to improve heart health, reduce cortisol, boost brain health, lower inflammation and support fat burning. In one study over 6 weeks, individuals who consumed 4g of fish oil saw an average weight loss of 0.5kg in fat mass, while they also increased their lean muscle mass. The supplemental group also saw a decrease in cortisol. Fatty fish can often be difficult to eat regularly so fish oil supplements are recommended. Make sure the fish oil supplements you choose are mercury tested and free of any additives, like the ones we sell here. 4. Eggs Eggs are among one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. They are a virtual powerhouse when it comes to health, weight loss and muscle recovery. Studies have repeatedly shown eggs to have greater satiation than other foods, meaning they should leave you feeling fuller for longer. Some of these benefits may be due to the protein, some due to the fats and some due to the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants naturally occurring in eggs. Whatever the reason, staying satiated is sure to reduce your calorie intake which may help to maintain your body composition goals. In one study where they compared eggs in the diet matched in calories to other foods, the egg group lost 65% more fat than the placebo group over 8 weeks. We recommend eating 3 – 4 eggs a day, 3 – 5 days a week to support health and fat burning. Try to buy free range pastured eggs where possible and don’t throw away the yolk - half the protein is in there and 90% of the nourishment. 5. Protein Some of the fat burning benefits of eggs and fatty fish come from their protein content. This is because protein is more satiating than other foods and increases your resting metabolic rate by 25% more than other foods. Protein stimulates satiation hormones like PYY and GLP-1, which may result in you eating less due to hunger control. However, studies have also shown that high protein diets lead to more weight loss than low protein diets even when calories are controlled. When overweight adults increased their protein intake from 15% to 30% of their daily calories, they saw an average 5kg of weight loss in 12 weeks. Choosing the right protein for the right time may prove to be critical. Studies have shown plant proteins are more satiating because they take longer to digest and use more energy in digestion. This difference in calories in and calories burned may result in considerable fat loss. We recommend getting as much of your protein through the day from food. However, if a meal is low in protein use a diverse plant protein like Protein Switch™ as your daytime option if weight loss is your goal. After exercising you would think Whey Protein would be the best option due to its fast digestion. However, free form amino acids (which require zero digestion) could be superior. For this purpose, we recommend Amino Switch™ after exercise for complete muscle recovery. 6. Green Tea Extract Again, not generally thought of as a food, green tea extract is often added to supplements and foods. In addition to providing a small amount of caffeine, green tea is rich in a catechin called Epigallocatchin gallate (EGCG). This compound is responsible for promoting fat burning and a reduction in belly fat. In a study of cyclists who consumed GTE (Green Tea Extract) before or a placebo, the cyclists increased fat oxidation (burning) by 17% more than placebo and saw a decrease in insulin by 13%. This means you GTE is not only capable of burning fat but supporting carbohydrate metabolism, which may reduce weight gain in the first place or the regaining of body fat. GTE also has some pretty powerful health benefits and has been shown to reduce oxidation and support heart health. For these reasons and more you will find GTE in Thermal Switch™ and Vitality Switch™. We recommend consuming Thermal Switch™ prior to exercise or whenever you need a boost and Vitality Switch™ once a day with food to enhance your daily nourishment. 7. Probiotics Probiotics are live microorganisms that have psychological and physiological benefits in your body when consumed. You will find probiotics naturally occurring in fermented foods like yoghurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir etc. Our gut contains over 100 trillion microorganisms. Some are helpful and others are harmful. Some help get the calories out of your food and some get the micronutrients out of your food. There are two main types of good bacteria in the gut: bacteroidetes and firmicutes. Body weight seems to be connected to the balance of these two families of bacteria. Because firmicutes are responsible for breaking down and absorbing the calories from the food you eat they may contribute to weight gain and obesity. Overweight people tend to have less diverse gut microbiome. Your gut microbiome becomes less diverse if you eat a less diverse range of fruits and vegetables. Too much processed food or sugar can also decrease diversity as the bugs that love sugar over run the ones that don’t. Then as they become overpopulated, they demand more sugar and this is how the cravings start. We recommend cutting back on sugar to keep it around 5% of your total calories per day. Increase the diversity of wholefoods, fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. Also add in 1 serve daily of Vitality Switch™ which provides 33 different botanicals and 3 carefully selected probiotics that can support a balanced gut microbiome. 8. Apple Cider Vinegar Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) can reduce appetite and lower blood sugar levels and insulin in type 2 diabetics. In one 12 week study where 144 subjects added 2 Tbsp of ACV per day they lost around 1.7kg of weight. ACV contains acetic acid and good bacteria that can kill pathogenic bacteria and may also help balance the gut microbiome to support better weight management. We recommend starting with 1-2 Tsp of ACV per day and increasing slowly to 2 Tbsp over 4-6 weeks. 9. Turmeric Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory spice used in Asian and Indian cuisine. It has a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine. Most of turmeric’s medicinal and fat burning properties are due to a naturally occurring compound called curcumin. Recent studies suggest that curcumin may be beneficial in fat loss. In fact, curcumin may help promote weight loss, reduce fat tissue growth, curb weight regain, and enhance your sensitivity to insulin. Furthermore, one study found that supplementing with curcumin for 30 days assisted individuals to lose body fat who were previously unable to lose weight. You will find C3® curcumin in Estro Switch™ and HydroCurc® in Coffee Switch™ to help support your brain function, health, wellbeing and fat loss. 10. Chocolate This might sound counterintuitive because people think eating chocolate is what makes them fat. It’s not the cacao in chocolate contributing to weight gain. It is most likely the combination of fats and sugar. However, if you could get the theobromine from the Theobroma cacao (cocoa bean) then you would see a very different result. Theobromine which is naturally found in chocolate, is a neurostimulator, appetite suppressor and vasodilator. It has similar structure to caffeine, so it’s no surprise that it will help with weight management and energy. Theobromine works by reducing cravings and enhancing beta oxidation (breakdown of fats for fuel). You will find theobromine naturally occurring in cacao nibs, dark chocolate (70%+), Thermal Switch™, Power Switch™ & Coffee Switch™. Summary There are many foods that can contribute to weight gain but there are some that can prevent or even reverse weight gain. It is important to focus on the right foods, supplements and nutrients. Get plenty of fibre in your diet (30g daily) from leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables and colourful fruits with the peels on where possible. Try to by spray free or wash your fruits and veges thoroughly. The pesticide found on the food you eat can kill the gut bugs resulting in dysbiosis (gut microbiome imbalance). This dysbiosis can contribute to weight gain or an inability to lose weight. In fact, Sucralose (commonly used artificial sweetener) was developed as a pesticide and kills off the good microbes in the gut. This means even the artificially sweetened fat burner you are using could be making things worse long term. Therefore, we recommend buying supplements that are naturally sweetened with stevia or monk fruit like Switch Nutrition. Use Coffee Switch™ in the morning as a coffee replacement. Try Thermal Switch™ before exercise and Keto Switch™ between meals. Consider 4000mg a day of fish oil and 1-2 Tlbs a day of ACV. Make sure you eat more protein and less carbs while consuming good quality fat from coconut, grass fed butter, avocado, and olive oil. If you can’t meet your protein needs of 30% of your daily calories or 1.5g per kg of body weight, then consider supplementing with Protein Switch™ to keep you satiated and boost your metabolism. Remember, healthy choices lead to healthy results and make sure any changes you implement are enjoyable as that will ensure sustainability.

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  • Stress Fat - Is Stress Causing Your Belly Fat And Tiredness?

    Stress Fat - Is Stress Causing Your Belly Fat And Tiredness?

    Switch Nutrition, 18 July 2021

    Have you ever asked one of the following questions… “how do I just shift fat off my belly?” or, “I can’t lose weight no matter what I do” or “I lose weight and it comes straight back!!!”. Did you know STRESS could be the major culprit? Being in a calorie deficit is important and so is monitoring your macro’s, however your hormones and looking after the glands that produce them are equally important. In fact, your thyroid controls your metabolic rate. It regulates how many calories you burn and store. STRESS is a major contributor to thyroid or metabolic dysfunction. So, what is the major stress hormone that is a problem? Cortisol: This life sustaining stress hormone released by your adrenal glands has many benefits acutely to get you out of danger and improve your response to stress. However, chronically may lead to many health concerns including… Weight Gain Inability To Lose Weight Muscle Loss Slow Thyroid Function Estrogen Dominance Blood Sugar Issues (Type 2 Diabetes) Leaky Gut Lowered Sex Drive Skin Breakouts Hair Loss Low Energy Anxiety Constipation or Diarrhea Loss Of Happiness Lack Of Motivation How does stress (cortisol) effect thyroid function and result in weight gain? Cortisol works on a negative feedback loop with the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in the brain. The hypothalamus signals the pituitary to tell the adrenals (HPA Axis) to release cortisol. So, when cortisol is in the blood the body tells the hypothalamus to slow down. The problem is the Hypothalamus also controls the thyroid gland and as it slows so does your thyroid. This makes sense because in a state of stress (cortisol) your body wants to conserve energy, so slowing your thyroid function which slows your metabolism, achieves this survival mechanism. You have two major types of thyroid hormones… T4 (Inactive) and T3 (Active). Your thyroid produces exclusively T4 and then your body converts it to the active T3. However, elevated cortisol reduces the enzymes responsible for this conversion. So even when your levels of TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) and T4 are normal (within range), you may still have low T3 and a slow metabolism resulting in weight gain, tiredness and an inability to lose weight. Reverse T3 (RT3) is the antagonist (opposite) to T3. The best way to think about this relationship is T3 is an accelerator for your metabolism and RT3 is the brakes. RT3 binds to the same thyroid receptors on the surface of cells preventing T3 attaching. Stress increases the production of RT3 keeping the brakes on your metabolism and fat burning. With stress comes inflammation, insulin resistance, tiredness and a lack of motivation. This can reduce your desire to exercise and your body’s ability to use carbohydrates effectively. This leads to carbs storing as body fat. Inflammation also causes the release of cytokines which reduces thyroid receptor sensitivity so any circulating free T3 can’t fully activate your metabolism. Chronic release of cortisol also leads to Estrogen dominance. Excess estrogen increases the number of fat cells in your body. The accumulation of this fat is generally around the belly, hips butt and thigh. Excess estrogen also increases Thyroid Binding Globulin (TBG). TBG is a protein that helps thyroid hormone travel through your body, but when T4 is bound to too much TBG it is inactive and can’t convert to Free T3. Stress can affect gut permeability causing leaky gut. Leaky gut has been linked as a cause of auto immune disease which may manifest as Hashimoto’s otherwise known as ‘thyroid auto immune disease’. When your immune system starts attacking your thyroid gland you are sure to experience negative effects to your metabolism, sleep, mood, skin, hair, weight gain and overall energy and health. Think of stress (cortisol) as the starting domino that knocks over the others. STRESS -> Thyroid Dysfunction -> Estrogen Dominance -> Weight Gain -> Tiredness Here are 12 steps to reduce cortisol, boost your metabolism, reduce belly fat and get your energy back. 1. Sleep Getting adequate amounts of sleep is critical for hormone balance. 7.5 hours unbroken sleep is preferential. However, taking naps away from your main sleep cycle to catch up is a good idea if you cannot get 7.5 hours. If you have difficulty switching off, try Adrenal Switch™ after dinner. It’s a delicious treat that will curb your sugar cravings and support a restful and restorative night’s sleep. You will have more energy the next day and feel motivated to achieve. 2. Selenium Make sure you are getting enough of this micromineral. The enzyme that converts T4 into the active T3 is selenium dependent. You will find selenium in Estro Switch™ which combines with a number of all-natural herbal and nutritive ingredients to support your metabolism, manage stress, balance hormones, support energy and improve hair, skin and nails. 3. Meditate, Yoga, Breath Work or Mindfulness Having time to yourself away from the daily grind and constant stimulation can be the most important thing you can do for your health and metabolism. Reducing anxiety with breath work and slowing your breathing can quickly reduce your stress. 4. Greens Eat them, drink them… just make sure you get them. Leafy greens are a great source of phytonutrients that are precursors to thyroid hormones and other critical hormones and enzymes. They also help chelate toxins out of the body for improved metabolic health. Vitality Switch™ is an award winning, great tasting source of polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. In fact, 1 serve is equivalent to 8 serves of veges. This is a daily non-negotiable. 5. Zinc More than 75% of the population is Zinc insufficient. This mineral is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions in your body including the conversion of T4 to T3 like selenium. Zinc is also critical in balancing sex hormones and improves insulin sensitivity. It can be found in Adrenal Switch™, Alpha Switch™ & Estro Switch™. 6. Tyrosine This non-essential amino acid makes up the backbone of thyroid hormones. The ‘T’ in T4 stands for Tyrosine and the 4 is the amount of iodine attached. You will find Tyrosine in the natural thermogenic Thermal Switch™ or Keto Switch™ for this reason, and to help boost your metabolism, focus and energy. 7. Avoid Fluoride This compound is a halide that displaces or competes with Iodine and may prevent sufficient iodine being available to make your thyroid hormones. 8. Salt and Sun in the Morning Pink salt or Himalayan salt in your water first thing in the morning helps kickstart your adrenals and enhances the production of cortisol. This is a good thing as this is the time when cortisol should be at its highest. Bright sunlight on your skin and eyeballs (don’t look directly into the sun) can also help as an early morning ritual to manage stress & weight. 9. Coffee The most consumed beverage on the planet is loaded with antioxidants and metabolic boosting compounds. However, having a coffee too close to bed can disrupt your sleep. You can now get coffee (like Coffee Switch™) that is loaded with adaptogens and nutrients to help provide more focus, alertness and mood elevation that may result in a lowered stress response and greater weight loss. 10. Alcohol Although alcohol seems like a sedative and a relaxant, it often contains extra calories and can disrupt your deep (delta) sleep. This is the sleep that is restorative, fat burning and muscle building. This is also the sleep that reduces responsive stress. Therefore, minimising belly fat and increasing energy the next day. 11. Music Listening to nostalgic music that makes you happy and gets you singing is scientifically proven to boost your mood and lower your cortisol (stress hormones). If you want to burn some extra calories… dance! As you can see there is a very real relationship between stress and a lowered metabolism (thyroid function), leading to body fat accumulation (especially around the belly) or an inability to burn fat no matter how hard you try. In fact, if you continue to exercise vigorously in this state of dysfunction you may cause further damage and extend recovery time. Controlling cortisol by implementing these strategies may help increase your energy, fat burning, boost mood, focus and general health while reducing your stress and hormone imbalances. PRO TIP: Having Adrenal Switch™ as a dessert by mixing 1 serve into coconut or Greek yoghurt is not only delicious but helps reduce sugar cravings and supports better quality regenerative sleep where you wake up feeling amazing. Disclaimer: The above article is merely a guide and is in no way a recommendation or a treatment protocol for any health conditions or diseases. You should always consult with a qualified health care provider before changing your supplement, training, or nutritional strategy. Supplementation should not be attempted by pregnant or breastfeeding women, anyone on prescription medication or children under the age of 15 unless advised by your qualified health care provider.

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  • Burn Fat With ATP Science T432 Plus

    Burn Fat With ATP Science T432 Plus

    Gemma, 5 November 2017

    ATP Science T432 Plus fat burner is a product formulated to fill a gap in the supplement market – A fat burner that actually works. At first glance it might not even look like a fat burner. Where are the intense stimulants? How about Garcinia and raspberry ketones? There’s none of those in T432 Plus either, so how can it help me lose fat?

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  • 8 Meal Prep Tips for Weight Loss

    8 Meal Prep Tips for Weight Loss

    Gemma, 20 January 2017

    You may have heard of meal prepping before, or you may think that it is something reserved for in season bodybuilders. We’ve got 8 tips to help you plan your meal prep for weight loss success.

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  • 5 Weight Loss Lies You Need to Stop Telling Yourself

    5 Weight Loss Lies You Need to Stop Telling Yourself

    Sportsfuel, 13 October 2015

    This time, you're committed to finally getting down to a healthy weight and staying there. You're proving it every time that you head to the gym and powering through your workouts. All of that training is hard work, but you know it will be worth it when you step on the scale and see the results...Or will you?

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  • Tips for Getting More Out of Your Fat Burner

    Tips for Getting More Out of Your Fat Burner

    Sportsfuel, 2 May 2015

    A fat burning supplement can help to support your metabolism when you're dieting and working out. The right one can increase the rate at which you burn fat, so that you can notice results from your weight loss efforts more quickly. While many fat burning supplements are highly effective, ultimately, your success with one will depend on a number of factors.Follow these tips for getting more out of your Fat Burner: 1. Don't Expect a Miracle. There is no pill that you can pop or powder you can mix up and drink that will just make fat melt away. Fat burners are made to complement a healthy diet and exercise plan, not take the place of one. Make sure that you're combining your effort with a regular fat-burning workout routine and eating a sensible diet, so you can truly get results from your supplement. 2. Get the Right Solution. To be successful with a fat burner, you need to be able to use it for the long term and that means that you need to find a product that is suitable for your needs. The most important part of selecting a fat burner is deciding whether you need a stimulant or stimulant-free formula. If you're sensitive to caffeine and similar ingredients, taking a stimulant-free product is likely the better choice. If you want the benefits of energy support and maximum appetite suppression, a stimulant fat burner is the ideal solution. 3. Mind the Clock. Fat burners are most effective when taken 30 minutes before meals. Set a reminder on your smartphone or watch, so that you remember to take your fat burner 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch. If you're using a stimulant-free fat burner or you work out in the morning, you can take a third dose of most products 30 minutes before dinner as well. 4. Stay Hydrated & Rested. You're likely to sweat more when you're taking a fat burner, so you'll need to increase the amount of water you drink to avoid dehydration that can slow your fat loss process. Drink at least 250 milliliters of water with each dose of your supplement and drink at least 3 liters of water every day. It's also important that you get 8 hours of sleep per night whenever possible. If your stimulant fat burner is keeping you up at night, try taking it earlier in the day and avoid caffeine and other stimulants after 6:00 PM. 5. Go On & Off. Stimulant fat burners should be used for no longer than 3 to 4 weeks at a time if you want to keep getting the most from the formula you choose. After 3 to 4 weeks, switch to a stimulant-free fat burner for 2 weeks and then return to the stimulant formula. If you're using a stimulant-free fat burner, you may not need to cycle; however, if results become sluggish, you might want to switch to a different stimulant-free supplement. Sportsfuel has a wide variety of fat burner supplements available to help you achieve your fat loss goals and get the body that you've been dreaming of. If you need help selecting a product or have any questions about the supplements that we carry, we'll be glad to assist you.Click here to view our selection of Weight Loss aids and Fat Burners

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  • Quick Guide: What Are Fat Burners?

    Quick Guide: What Are Fat Burners?

    Sportsfuel, 7 February 2015

    Fat burners are dietary supplements that consist of combinations of ingredients. Some of the active ingredients commonly found in fat burners include caffeine, green tea extract, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and carnitine. Products may also contain herbal active ingredients, such as green tea or green coffee extract. How Do Fat Burners Work? The metabolism is the internal mechanism of the body responsible for burning fat. In order for fat burning to occur, an individual must burn more calories than they consume. Fat burner supplements are formulated to enervate and activate the metabolism, so that fat burning can occur at optimal rates whenever there is a calorie deficit. What Are the Benefits of Fat Burners? Fat burners help to support fat loss during exercise and while dieting. These supplements promote the burning of fat rather than muscle mass in order to support weight loss with less risk for loss of strength. Because fat burners stimulate the metabolism, they can also help to fight fatigue during exercise and daily activities and may improve mental clarity. In addition, fat burners can assist with appetite control and discourage snacking. Who Can Benefit from Fat Burners? If you are working out in order to lose fat and gain muscle in its place, fat burners could help you to achieve your health and fitness goals. Fat burners are often used by individuals who are struggling to lose weight with a healthy diet and exercise alone or who are experiencing a loss of muscle mass as a result of weight loss efforts.

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  • Five Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

    Five Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

    Sportsfuel, 15 December 2012

    Scientists and nutritionists agree that weight loss is a simple equation of calorie input < calorie output. What they don’t often talk about is the challenge of knowing how many calories you should be consuming, and how difficult it can be to change your diet.Contrary to popular belief, a diet doesn’t have to involve skipping meals or drastically reducing portion sizes. In fact, it’s recommended that you continue to eat three balanced meals with snacks in between – but just make healthier choices.If you’ve been on a diet for a week or two now and you’re not seeing any results, there may be hidden factors sabotaging your weight loss. Let’s take a look at just a few of the reasons you’re not losing weight. You forgot to read the label Nuts, seeds, dried fruit, muesli bars and yoghurt are all healthy, right? They are – but they’re also very high in fat and sugar content. There are a number of products on the market claiming to be ‘health’ foods – but while they may be full of healthy nutrients they won’t do any favours for your waistline. Remember to always read the label before you consume a product, assuming it’s a low-calorie snack. You could also swap your handful of dried fruit for a whole piece of fresh fruit, change your muesli bar to rolled oats, and choose low-fat yoghurt. You’ll still receive the nutritional benefits, without the calories. You’re drinking alcohol Do you have a glass or two of wine with your meal? That would mean you’re consuming between 90-180 extra calories – potentially more if you’re generous with what constitutes a glass (much less than you think!).What if you swap your glass of wine for vodka and soda? Most people assume that sugar-free cocktails or soda mixers are lower in calories – but they forget that the calories that are found in the alcohol itself. A shot of vodka contains 55 calories - add flavoured syrup, juice or soft drink and you could be consuming between 100-200 calories per drink. Your portion sizes are too large Going back for seconds on that salad, or serving of veggies? Even healthy food has calories – so if you’re failing to lose weight even though you’re eating the right foods, take a look at your portion sizes – they’re probably supposed to be much smaller than you think. For example, Protein: Hold out your hand with your palm out and fingers outstretched. The size of your palm – not including your fingers – is the correct size for one serving of protein such as fish, chicken or steak. Fats: Stick out your thumb. From tip to base is the correct size for one serving of cheese. Look at the part of your thumb from the tip to the first knuckle - that's about one serving of peanut butter. Now cup your hand with the tip of your thumb pressed to the middle joint of your index finger – this hollow holds one portion of nuts. Carbohydrates: The right portion of cooked pasta, rice, cereal, sliced fruit or vegetables is about the size of your fist.

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