• Top Post Workout Supplements

    Top Post Workout Supplements

    Steph Hofer, 4 October 2019

    Proteins Protein helps with building as well as maintaining muscle and is an essential part of your diet, taken post workout it can help speed up recovery by supplying amino acids to the body as well as all the building block the muscle needs to repair and grow.Muscletech- Nitro Tech 100% Whey Gold Lean protein with 24g of protein and only 125 calories per serve Blend includes protein peptides as well as the standard isolate and concetrate, these peptides absorb faster allowing your body to start repairing that much quicker Great taste BSN-Syntha 6/Syntha 6 Edge Higher calorie protein with 200 cal per serve for original and 150 cal per serve for the edge version Higher carbs - it is important to have higher carbs post workout to refuel glycogen to refuel your muscles, higher simple carbs can also increase insulin which allows your body to absorb and store amino acids such as bcaa, creatine and glutamine much more efficiently as well as decreasing your cortisol levels to help your body relax and get ready to repair Multiple digestion speeds - being a blend of different protein sources with varying digestion times means it will supply your body with a steady stream of nutrients and amino acids if you are unable to eat for a while after training Carb powders Carb powders are helpful for restoring glycogen, reducing cortisol and increasing absorption of amino acids as previously stated these are commonly used with creatine to increase your body's ability to absorb it and store it in the muscles. 1-up nutrition tri-carb 25g of carbs per scoop Unflavoured so can mix into your pre workout, bcaa or post workout protein shake without conflicting flavours Multiple high quality trademarked carb sources such as cluster dextrin and carb10 Complex carbohydrates with low insulin impact for people who don’t want to spike insulin Added electrolytes to help with rehydration post workout and replace any lost during training GAT Carbotein 31g of carbs per serve Designed specifically for glycogen replenishment of glycogen loading Great taste Added electrolytes Additional bcaa to assist with recovery Scivation Xtend Scivation xtend is one of my favourite bcaa products, especially if you want to take it post workout it has A high 7g dose of bcaa in the proven 2:1:1 ratio Great flavours Added electrolytes Added glutamine to increase recovery and decrease delayed onset muscle soreness Added L-Citrulline to increase blood flow to allow more nutrients to be delivered to the muscles faster to help with quicker repair Creatine Creatine is a great product for increased strength and performance the ideal time to take it is post workout when your muscles are depleted and taken with simple carbohydrates to increase absorption and allow insulin to shuttle it directly into the muscle the 2 main types of creatine are monohydrate and hydrochloride. Check out our great range of Creatine Supplements here and if you wanna get more info about Creatine and how to use it, our comprehensive Creatine Guide is for you! Monohydrate Has the most scientific data backing its effect and safety Cheapest form of creatine so it does not cost much to use Flavourless so it can mix with anything Hydrochloride (HLC) Better absorption than monohydrate No conversion into waste product meaning no need to cycle on and off it Smaller dose due to superior water solubility and absorption No bloating, water retention or gastric distress that some people may encounter with monohydrate (a very small percentage of people experience these issues) Glutamine Glutamine can help with Increasing recovery Decreasing post workout muscle soreness in the following days Also assists with gut health Wanna find out more about the importance of Glutamine? Then check out our latest article about everything you need to know about Glutamine! Combination post workout products Muscletech Nitro Tech protein original High quality protein Also includes a 3g serve of Creatine per scoop Muscletech Cell Tech Mass building creatine/recovery formula 5g of creatine per serve Added bcaas Contains electrolytes 38g of carbohydrates per serve Has simple carbs as well as complex carbs to spike insulin and allow the creatine, bcaa and additional ingredients or be absorbed and stored rapidly Gaspari Sizeon Another performance creatine/recovery product Contains a daily dose of creatine (amount is not disclosed) Contains 40g of carbs per serve Includes some whey protein hydrolysate, which is the most quickly absorbed form of protein available Added bcaa included a huge 4g dose of leucine, the amino primarily responsible for anabolic response and muscle growth Contains electrolytes Also contains glutamine Refreshing flavours

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  • BSN AMINOx: Benefits of this Endurance & Recovery Agent

    BSN AMINOx: Benefits of this Endurance & Recovery Agent

    Steph Hofer, 22 March 2019

    In need of more energy and endurance at the gym? Tired of dealing with the agony and frustration of post-workout soreness?Today we’re checking out the features and benefits of the amino acid product: “AMINOx” courtesy of Illinois supplement company “BSN.” AMINOx is a stimulant-free, BCAA supplement designed to support endurance during your workout and aid in muscle recovery post workout. But before we jump into the benefits and features, lets see what makes this innovative supplement tick: What Are BCAAs And How Can They Help My Performance In The Gym? Amino acids are sometimes referred to as the building blocks of protein and lean muscle. BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) in particular refer to three specific amino acids: Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. These amino acids can be used by your muscle cells as an energy source, which helps to fight muscle fatigue during intense exercise and aid with repair after you workout. Many users have found this dramatically decreases the amount of soreness and pain they experience following an intense workout, and as a result BCAAs have become incredibly popular with athletes and bodybuilders alike. BSN’s AMINOx product comes packed with a 10g blend of BCAAs, as well as other essential amino acids including: L-Alanine, Taurine and L-Citrulline. The fact that AMINOx contains 10g of BCAAs per serving is also a point of difference, as most brands will only give you around 5g. The Benefits Of Using AMINOx: Recover faster - no more skipping the gym because you’re still sore after yesterday’s workout. AMINOx will have you feeling surprisingly good following intense exercise.Workout harder - as well as helping with recovery, AMINOx also helps you to perform at your peak - giving your muscles the endurance to push past your limits in the gym.Mixes easy, tastes great - AMINOx mixes with little effort, won’t leave nasty clumps and is available in a range of different flavours to suit your taste.Higher BCAA content - with 10g of amino acid content per serving, AMINOx has nearly twice the BCAA content compared with other competing brands.Great value for money - AMINOx is also great value for money when considering cost per gram of BCAAs. The amount you’re paying is on par with cheaper BCAA supplements and brands. AMINOx Is Also Designed To Support: Protein synthesis / anabolism. Glycogen resynthesis. Insulin sensitivity. Anti-catabolism / muscle sparing. Recovery from training sessions. Muscular endurance. Resistance to muscular fatigue. Who Should Use AMINOx? AMINOx is suitable for just about anyone looking to take their fitness or gym game to the next level. Whether you’re looking for more energy to push through those intense workouts, or a little relief to minimise soreness post workout - AMINOx is a scientifically proven solution that works. With AMINOx in particular, you’re also getting great bang for your buck based on the amount of BCAAs per serving. If you’re interested in getting your hands on AMINOx, or if you simply want to know more about this innovative product, feel free to check out AMINOx and other great Amino Products in the Sportsfuel store.

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  • Pre Workout Nutrition For Performance And Recovery

    Pre Workout Nutrition For Performance And Recovery

    Gemma, 15 October 2017

    Pre workout nutrition is often over looked when it comes to getting the best results from training. It’s easy to rock up to the gym and drop a scoop of pre-workout and think you’ve got all the energy you need for your workout. But when did you last eat? And was it food that fuelled your body for peak performance?

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  • Do you need Post Workout Carbs?

    Do you need Post Workout Carbs?

    Sportsfuel, 20 April 2015

    To many people, carb is a four-letter word that's completely off-limits in their diets, but the bad reputation that carbohydrates have gained in the world of sports nutrition is rather undeserved. The truth is that carbs can be an important part of any post-workout supplement plan when used properly. Benefits of Carbs After a Workout The primary benefit of getting a healthy dose of post workout carbs is its effects on glycogen, the form that glucose takes when it's stored in your muscles. Glycogen is the primary fuel source that your body uses during workouts, as it can be rapidly broken down to create the ATP needed to produce muscle contractions. When you fail to replace the glycogen that was consumed during a workout, your muscles simply can't fully recover, which can limit muscle growth and stymy your progress toward building mass. Plus, the intake of carbs will quickly re-energise you, so that you can continue with your daily activities without feeling drained. The Kind of Carbs Matters Carbohydrates truly can be beneficial after a workout, but not all carbs are the same. The best carbs for use post-workout are those that can be rapidly digested and absorbed to replenish glycogen at the quickest possible rate. These types of carbs are also known as high-glycemic carbs. Dextrose, a form of pure glucose, can give your body the fastest increase in glucose levels possible. This is because the glucose doesn't have to be digested. It can simply be absorbed right into your bloodstream and put to work. Do Carbs After a Workout Make You Fat? If you're working out to burn body fat and build muscle mass, you may worry that taking in extra carbs will undermine your weight loss benefits. When consumed after a workout, it's highly unlikely that carbs will be converted into fat, as the glucose that they contain is so sorely needed by the muscles. Even if you're limiting your intake of carbs from your other meals, consuming some after your workout is more likely to further your efforts to reduce body fat rather than conflict with them. Experts recommend post-workout carbs to complement all weight-loss diets, except for any in which carbohydrates have been 100 per cent eliminated during the rest of the day. Best Practices for Post Workout Carbs To get the absolute best results from post-workout carbs, follow these tips: The best time to consume post-workout carbohydrates is as soon as you're finished working out. Most experts recommend 20 to 60 grams of dextrose and high glycemic carbs following a workout. If you feel sluggish when you consume only high glycemic carbs after a workout, try splitting the dosage in half with 50 per cent high and 50 per cent low glycemic carbs. Most people should consume roughly 40 grams of protein along with carbs immediately after a workout. If you need assistance selecting the right carbohydrate supplement for use after your workout, we'll be glad to help. Contact one of our Sportsfuel team members for personalised advice.

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