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  • 12 Ways to Combat Stress, Sleep Better & Feel Amazing Every Day

    12 Ways to Combat Stress, Sleep Better & Feel Amazing Every Day

    Greg Haglund, Switch Nutrition, 16 May 2022

    12 WAYS TO COMBAT STRESS, SLEEP BETTER & FEEL AMAZING EVERYDAY Stress affects us all. Some days it's worse than others, and over time, it takes its toll on how we look, feel and perform. Over 90% of adults say they experience stress or anxiety daily, and 74% say it's so great they feel unable to cope1. Add to this physical stress of training, injury, infection, or environmental toxins. Even certain foods can create stress on our bodily systems. Some acute stress is helpful. However, chronic stress can be very harmful - even deadly!! Here are ten things stress can cause and 12 ways to effectively combat stress: Reduced Thyroid Function Weight Gain Muscle Loss Gut Issues Lowered Sex Drive Skin Breakouts Hair Loss Low Energy Irritability & Loss of Empathy Sleep Disturbances How do we fix this? 1)      EXERCISE: Exercise is more effective in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression than the top 5 antidepressant medications 2. It might sound counterintuitive, but regular acute physical stress can significantly combat chronic mental stress. People who exercise regularly are less likely to experience anxiety and depression3. Exercise releases endorphins and gives you confidence which may help reduce your stress. During or immediately after training, be sure to use essential amino acids like AMINO SWITCH™ to accelerate recovery. AMINO SWITCH™ also contains the adaptogen Schisandra, which has been shown to increase energy and reduce stress. 2)      LAUGH: You've probably heard the term 'LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE. Well, when it comes to stress, that is entirely true. When you have fun and laugh, it's hard to feel stressed. Laughing has a natural lowering effect on cortisol (stress hormones) and increases serotonin (happy hormone). It also activates the Vagus nerve, which helps transport the serotonin from your gut to your brain. One study showed laughing could help healing by activating the immune system, which could further reduce the effects of physical and emotional stress4. When we are stressed, it lowers our immunity which can result in increased inflammation and reduced recovery. Try watching comedies or hanging out with people who make you laugh and enjoy life. Once you start, it can become infectious. 😊 3)      SING: Like laughter, singing also boosts serotonin and activates the Vagus nerve. This has a relaxing effect and has been shown to reduce tension, stress, and anxiety. In one study, the music you enjoyed, because it brought back happy nostalgic memories, was the most effective at reducing stress markers. So next time you're in the car on your way to or from work, belt out a tune you love at the top of your voice and watch your stress levels drop. 4)      SPEND TIME WITH FRIENDS: People who live the longest, healthiest lives have two things in common: Purpose and community. Supporting friends and hanging out with friends and family can be stress-reducing. One study showed men and women with the least social connections had the most significant levels of anxiety and depression. However, pick your friends carefully and hang around people who support your goals and are genuinely fun to be around. 5)      SUPPLEMENT: Many natural ingredients can reduce stress. Here is a list of the top 7 and the supplements you can find them in - ·         Magnesium – ADRENAL SWITCH™ & ALPHA SWITCH™   This super important mineral is involved in over 600 bodily processes per day. It is critical for energy metabolism, nervous system relaxation, muscle recovery, energy, and so much more. Nearly 75% of the population is not getting enough magnesium for their daily needs. Simply supplementing with magnesium citrate after exercise or before bed will profoundly benefit your recovery and lower your cortisol (stress). ·         Ashwagandha – ADRENAL SWITCH™ & ALPHA SWITCH™ Known as the king of herbs. This Ayurvedic medicinal root has been used for centuries to help combat fatigue, reduce stress, and support energy. It is an adaptogen class of compounds that aid our mind and body adapt to stress. Ashwagandha contains a natural compound called Withanolides that have been shown to lower cortisol (stress) and support natural hormone balance. ·         Schisandra – AMINO SWITCH™ & ESTRO SWITCH™ This traditional Chinese medicinal berry supports qi (energy & life force). It elicits some of its benefits through liver detoxification. It is also an effective adaptogen (like ashwagandha) and improves how your body responds to caffeine by reducing jitters, improving energy levels and preventing an energy crash. Schisandra needs to provide high levels of Schisandrin A like that found in AMINO SWITCH™ & ESTRO SWITCH™. ·         Alpina galanga – COFFEE SWITCH™, THERMAL SWITCH™ & POWER SWITCH™ This unique alpine grown galangal extract has been shown to improve your tolerance to stress. It was voted 2019 innovative ingredient of the year and outperforms caffeine in focus and alertness scores without activating the central nervous system (without producing adrenaline or cortisol). Alpina galanga will often be found in combination with caffeine or coffee, as it has been shown to amplify your body's response to caffeine by 30 – 50% and make it feel cleaner & longer lasting.   Alpina may also reduce adenosine in the brain. Therefore, preventing mental fatigue, tiredness and procrastination. It also boosts D2 dopamine receptor sensitivity, which helps combat stress by boosting mood.   The feeling of Alpina and Caffeine together is one of happiness, alertness and profound focus. ·         Glycine – ADRENAL SWITCH™ & COLLAGEN SWITCH™ This non-essential amino acid has many benefits, including its tonifying effect on the nervous system. Glycine also helps support connective tissue recovery, immune response, and energy by supporting endogenous (internal) creatine production. Like GABA, it has a calming effect if used after exercise or before bed. However, Glycine can be consumed before training, where it can help improve energy. ·         L-Theanine – ADRENAL SWITCH™ L-Theanine is another non-essential amino acid with the ability to calm your body and brain. L-Theanine is found in green tea and has been shown to take the edge off caffeine (reduce jitters or anxiety) while promoting focus and elevating mood. ·         Medicinal Mushrooms – VITALITY SWITCH™ & COFFEE SWITCH™  Medicinal mushrooms have been used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine systems for centuries. They are adaptogens that help support your body's response to stress. They're also great at lowering inflammation which could be causing chronic physical stress. Medicinal mushrooms like Shitake, Maitake, Turkey Tail, King Trumpet and Cordyceps support energy and immunity while fighting pathogens like viruses, bacteria, fungus etc.   6)      GET YOUR MACROS & MICROS RIGHT: Undereating or eating calorie-dense but micronutrient depleted food can profoundly affect your mental health, stress, and body fat levels. Keep in mind 'FOOD CAN CHANGE YOUR MOOD'. Eating food that spikes and then drops your blood sugar levels can leave you exhausted, tired, grumpy, and hungry. Being in a chronic calorie deficit can increase cortisol (stress hormone), slow fat loss, increase muscle loss, and increase inflammation and stress. Make your diet cyclical and have higher calorie days mixed in with your calorie deficit. Using KETO SWITCH™ between meals or during fasting on your calorie deficit days can reduce muscle loss, support brain function, and reduce hunger. 7) MEDITATION & MINDFULNESS: We all know meditation and mindfulness are helpful ways of reducing stress. However, some people have difficulty clearing their minds when attempting meditation. Apps like 'Head Space' and others can teach you or guide you through meditation, which can be life-changing. 8) CUDDLE: Cuddling, hugging, kissing, and sex can relieve stress by promoting the release of oxytocin and serotonin. These practices have been shown to lower blood pressure, heart rate and other emotional and physical symptoms of stress. Chimpanzees also cuddle friends and family who are stressed, and it has the same hormonal response in our closest primate relatives. 9) YOGA & STRETCHING Yoga is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that has been shown to lower stress and anxiety for centuries. Studies looking at Yoga's overall effects have shown it to boost mood and lower stress. It may be as effective at treating depression as some medications. 10) BREATHE: Slowing your breathing helps to activate the parasympathetic (rest, digest, relax & recover) nervous system. It is the opposite of the fight or flight sympathetic nervous system, which is activated by shallow quick breaths.   If you get into anxiety or panic, try 'Box Breathing'. ·         Breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds. ·         Hold your breath for 4 seconds. ·         Exhale through your mouth for 4 seconds. ·         Hold the exhale for 4 seconds. ·         Repeat 4 times.   11)  GET A PET: Pets are like cuddling. They help us release oxytocin and serotonin. However, sometimes pets are even better because they generally provide unconditional love in return, and the relationships are not as complicated as human ones. Having a pet may also keep you active as you must exercise them daily, which is stress-relieving. 12)  GET OUT IN NATURE: Being in nature, surrounded by trees, mountains, lakes, streams or even on the beach, listening to the crashing waves is therapeutic and stress relieving. Part of the stress-relieving effect is due to our connection to the planet, and part of it is the disconnection from emails, social media and more which can increase stress. Another part is the sunlight on our skin boosts Vitamin D, endorphins and oxytocin, which have immune-boosting, hormone-regulating and stress relieving benefits. Disconnect at least once a week and exercise in nature (not just in the gym or around the block). Breathe in the fresh air and take in the calming effects being away from the city provides.   SUMMARY: There are so many stressors in our lives and multiple ways to help manage or destress. You need to consider what is stressing you the most and make efforts to remove these stressors from your life. If you practice all the above techniques but continue to expose yourself to a stressful job or relationship, it is like trying to put out a forest fire with a garden hose. It will help but may not prevent all the adverse effects of stress. Switch Nutrition aim to help people live healthier, more active lifestyles providing your body with all it needs to get the most out of each day with their wide range of products. Check out their range of products here. One of the most apparent symptoms of stress is a lack of energy or enthusiasm. Getting a good night's sleep by having ADRENAL SWITCH™ before bed will be the number one place to start. And when you wake up, try replacing your daily brew with COFFEE SWITCH™ for longer-lasting healthier energy!!   Disclaimer: The above article is merely a guide and is in no way a recommendation or a treatment protocol for any health conditions or diseases. You should always consult with a qualified healthcare provider before changing your supplement, training, or nutritional strategy. Formulated Supplementary Sports Foods must not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women, anyone consuming prescription medication or children under the age of 15 unless advised by a qualified healthcare provider.  

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  • Become A Morning Person with Eve

    Become A Morning Person with Eve

    Sportsfuel, 10 January 2022

    Hormonal birth control can take quite a toll on your body, find out how to overcome that in this brief article.

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  • Here's Why You Should Supplement While Taking The Pill

    Here's Why You Should Supplement While Taking The Pill

    Eve Wellness, 10 January 2022

    Hormonal birth control can take quite a toll on your body, find out how to overcome that in this brief article.

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  • Before You Speak Coffee: The Next Level Coffee You NEED to Try!

    Before You Speak Coffee: The Next Level Coffee You NEED to Try!

    Sportsfuel Blog, 2 November 2021

    What is healthy coffee? Have you ever experienced that feeling of a caffeine crash? Well, you won’t get that from a Beforeyouspeak coffee. Why? They’ve taken the most delicious Arabica coffee and infused it with brain & body boosting vitamins, minerals and superfoods designed to improve your health, wellbeing and performance with every cup. How does drinking a Beforeyouspeak Coffee benefit me? Where do we start? Each of the Beforeyouspeak blends are designed to target a range of unique health goals from maximising your workouts, upgrading your skincare routine, finding rest and relaxation and improving your cognitive health!  How is it different to taking other supplements? Why take mountains of pills and powders everyday when you can just enjoy a coffee? At half the price of a barista coffee, you can get your daily dose of premium supplements and a caffeine kick in one delicious cup! Featured: Thermogenic Coffee Blend Let’s be real - we all know what a pre-workout is, but have you ever heard of a pre-workout coffee? This hardcore coffee blend is power-packed full of pre-workout ingredients you know and trust delivered in the right dosage for a pre-workout - including Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, L-Tyrosine, Lean GBB and Grains of Paradise.  What other coffee blends do Beforeyouspeak coffee have? Across mind, body & soul it’s safe to say living a healthy life goes far beyond working out in the gym. Beforeyouspeak have a range of coffee blends that cover all of your health bases (and goals).  Performance Coffee Get moving with this intensified vitality blend with powerful ingredients Turmeric, MCT Oil & Siberian Ginseng. Collagen Coffee Glow from the inside out with this all in one beauty elixir, with ingredients Marine Collagen, Silica, Proline & Biotin. Adrenal Decaf Coffee  Relax with this decaffeinated blend with nine powerful ingredients including Zinc, Ashwagandha & Camu Camu.

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  • The Women's Wellness Brand Who Are Doing Things Differently

    The Women's Wellness Brand Who Are Doing Things Differently

    Eve Wellness, 7 September 2021

    Reader, meet Eve. If you ever needed a friend who you could talk to about anything and everything to do with your health, hormones, and happiness - she’s your gal. In 2018, we conducted a survey of over 14,000 women to better understand their hormones and overall health so we could paint a picture of how women in New Zealand feel in themselves, and what role their bodies play in the determining of moods and wellness. What we found was astonishing and more insightful than we could ever have imagined. We found that there’s a real and present gap in knowledge when it comes to hormone health and the understanding we have with the fluctuations in our hormones and how that leads to changes in our bodies, minds, and emotions. What’s more, a whopping 87% of those surveyed reported experiencing signs of hormone imbalance on a regular basis. This means that most women often don’t feel like themselves and, to us, that’s just not good enough! So, with the backing of scientists and a kick-ass research team, Eve was born to both provide women with insight into our health with at-home testing kits, and help us all address concerns that arise with our new range of nutritional support products. Our hormones are like super powers - we just need to know how to harness them. And once we do, there’s no stopping us. Over the years, our eager audience has turned into a smart, vibrant, and engaged community who learn more about their health from Eve while at the same time giving us real insights into the health of New Zealand women. For people throughout New Zealand and beyond, Eve provides support, knowledge, and our shared learnings to those of us wanting to understand aspects of wellbeing, and how our hormone picture is a cornerstone of our health. We are all unique and once we know how to tune in with our body and know what it’s saying when it’s talking to us, we can address the root of some of the most common concerns that we face today: low energy, menstrual issues, mental health challenges, cramping and pain, weight issues, headaches, low libido, skin concerns, and irregular periods. Too often we are told or expected to accept these experiences as part of owning a uterus but here at Eve, we don’t think you need to live with it - we know you can really live as a woman empowered and in charge. Now, let’s meet our products! Period Pal For anyone who has a period, this daily dose of nutrients including ashwaganda, vitex, and gingko biloba encourages a drama-free, balanced cycle. If you, like 40% of women asked, experience severe PMS, then Period Pal is here to help. Chill Pills Meditation in a bottle. What could be better! Made from 100% Vanuatu Kava, one Chill Pill capsule will support your body and mind to stop racing and find calm. Three capsules take things up a notch and help ease your body to sleep if the worries of the day are hanging around a little too heavy. Morning Person Think of this as coffee but without the side-effects. Clean, happy energy that helps to combat fatigue. Fast-acting B-vitamins help turn food into fuel and Panax Ginseng is an immediate energy and focus booster. While we’re reaping the benefits of that, the adaptogenic herb Rhodiola Rosea is behind the scenes to rebuild better all-round energy levels. Take Me With The Pill Did you know that being on the pill means we need more nutrients than when we’re not? Designed for anyone on hormonal contraception, the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics in Take Me With The Pill get your nutrient stores back to optimal levels so that all the processes in your body that need nutrients to work effectively (so, everything) have enough fuel to do so! All of our supplements are veggie-friendly and if you’re in any doubt about which are for you, we’re always on hand to help. Together with Eve, you can find ways to be at one with your body so you always know what you need, and when you need it. Let’s start living life to the fullest, there’s nothing holding us back.

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  • What is collagen and why do we need it?

    What is collagen and why do we need it?

    BePure, 7 September 2021

    The term collagen comes from the Greek word κολλα (kolla), meaning “glue” which makes sense because collagen is the glue of our body. It’s strong, springy, fibrous and is found in our body’s tissue. It’s actually the most abundant protein in our body. As we age, we produce less and less of it which is why, on a cosmetic-level, we lose a bit of our skin’s ‘bounce’ the older we get and why our joints need more love. However, when we consume collagen-rich food or supplements, the proteins break down into amino acids (glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, hydroxylysine, and arginine) and form that "glue" that our body needs. And we all want more ‘glue’. But not all sources of collagen are created equal... so let’s look at everything to know about collagen so you can make an informed choice about what’s right for you. What to look for in a quality collagen supplement 1. The Type Of Collagen There are at least 28 different types of collagen but the ones that form the bulk of the collagen in our body are types 1, 2, and 3. They support our body in different ways. Type 1 Collagen is found in marine, bovine, and egg collagen - Type 1 is easily absorbed, the most efficiently absorbed of all types, up to 1.5 x more. Marine collagen is more bioavailable and enters our bloodstream quickly and easily. Type 1 collagen accounts for up to 90% of the collagen in our body and can improve our joints, skin, organs, blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract, and bones. With all of those benefits, it’s no wonder we want to keep our stores high. Type 1 marine collagen is the type of collagen used in BePure Collagen+. And it’s sustainably sourced! Type 2 Collagen is also found in bovine as well as chicken collagen and makes up approximately 10% of the collagen in the body. It’s mainly located in our cartilage so supports the health of our joints. Small amounts of Type 3 Collagen are found in porcine and bovine collagen and is found in our body tissue. This is the type that determines the elasticity of our skin, our lungs, the strength of our intestinal walls, and the walls of our blood vessels. It’s use comes into play for building muscle and healing wounds. 2. The Molecular Weight of the Collagen The size of the collagen (its molecular weight) also matters because the smaller the molecule, the easier it is for our body to absorb it. Unfortunately, there’s no point in taking supplements of any kind if they’re not able to be absorbed so looking for products that are bioavailable should always be at the top of your list. To get into the science for a second, the molecular weight of something is measured by daltons (Da). When it comes to collagen, the ideal Da is <3,000. BePure Collagen+ is 2,000 Da. You might be thinking that if we get collagen from beef, pork, chicken, and fish then why can’t we just eat that instead? While it’s always good to eat healthy proteins like this, when it comes to collagen intake, the Da of collagen in, say, fish skin, is closer to 300,000 so, collagen-wise, isn’t the most efficient or effective route to take. That’s why we would recommend a fish or bone broth as another great source of collagen. 3. The Dose of Collagen per serve In order to see the benefits of collagen in our skin, hair, and nails we want at least 10g of collagen a day for optimal effectiveness. It can help our skin by improving its texture, its elasticity, and reducing inflammation. What’s the plus in Collagen+? In addition to the highly bioavailable marine collagen peptides, BePure’s Collagen+ contains functional keratin, silica, zinc, Polypodium Leucomotos, and vitamin C. Of all of those, the least recognisable is probably Polypodium Leucomotos. This is an antioxidant that works to prevent inflammation, or inflammaging! In addition to supporting the prevention of conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea, it acts a bit like an internal sunscreen to protect us from UV damage (of course you should always wear sunscreen, too). The vitamin C and bioflavonoids help with absorption so your collagen is working as hard as it can. The bottom line When looking for a collagen supplement, we want to make sure it’s: Bioavailable so we can absorb it effectively and efficiently The right type! Types 1, 2, and 3 are best for skin and joints The right molecular weight: So we can break it down and absorb it The right dose: We need 10g a day to see improvement in our skin, nails, and hair Added antioxidants: Anti-ageing from the inside out and added inflammatory properties BePure’s Collagen+ comes in two delicious, natural flavours: chai and vanilla. And, for a limited time until 19th September 2021 you can save 15%! With 30 servings per container, that’s just over $3 a serve! Mix into cold drinks or smoothies, or even just with water. We think you’ll love it.

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  • Healthy Food Delivery Services in NZ!

    Healthy Food Delivery Services in NZ!

    Isaac Kerr, 23 April 2020

    Meal delivery services to boost your healthy lifestyle Everybody wants to be healthy, eat nutritious food, workout often and maintain ultra organised in their work/personal lives while doing it. In reality, very few people can have it all without a little help! Meal delivery services have taken off in the last few years to assist busy people that are low on time and struggle to execute healthy lunches and dinners. They are super handy for parents, young professionals or anyone that feels like they don't have the capacity or the skills to whip up meals that will satisfy their tastes or align with their health and fitness goals. Many of these services are different than we think too, not only catering for bodybuilders who people assume live off the chicken breast, rice and broccoli. They all offer a colourful array of cuisines from pasta, to curry and traditional roasts. A lot of the meals are customisable to fit your personal daily macros or there are general categories to chose from such as 'gaining muscle' or 'losing weight'.  While we can't test every single meal or service to determine who's the most tasty, or has the quickest delivery (very important), we have provided a list of healthy meal delivery services below and compiled information so that you can save some research time and get a feel for which one might be better suited to you.  Hello Fresh Hello Fresh is a subscription based meal service that sends boxes of fresh ingredients to your door with a set of directions for you to prepare the meals yourself. All the ingredients are pre-portioned so all thats left for you to do is the cooking and assembly at home. They pride themselves on using fresh and seasonal produce so you don't have to question the quality of your meals. Their plans are reasonably customisable with a 'Family Plan', 'Classic Plan' and 'Veggie Plan' being able to feed either 2 or 4 people with a choice of frequency of between 3 and 5 meals per week! One of Hello Fresh's biggest selling points is that all the shopping is essentially done for you so you don't have to waste time going to the supermarket, freeing up that time for other jobs after work or on the weekends. Because the meals are all pre-planned and portioned you also save a lot of time not having to plan what to have for dinner, you simply do that ahead of time when ordering your boxes. Some of the delicious looking meals include; Parmesan & Mustard - Crusted Chicken, Mushroom & Thyme Risotto and Mexican Beef Tostadas, yum! Plate Up Plate Up is a meal delivery service set up by Kiwi celebs Art Green and Matilda Rice who became industry couple-goals since appearing on 'The Bachelor NZ'. They've long been known as healthy living advocates and decided to start this venture together to help people that felt like dinner preparation was another daily chore. Plate Up is based on the Paleo diet which is basically sticking to food that our ancestors ate during the Palaeolithic (hunter/gatherer) times.  Although they follow this Paleo blueprint, the meals provided by Plate Up really do not look like you'd be missing out on anything. These meals, which include Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder, Coconut Chicken Curry and Italian Meatballs look more fit for a Caveman King then resembling anything Palaeolithic, which is a bonus! There are subscription based plans for weekly meal boxes or you can even purchase meals individually if you just need dinners for a weekend away or specific days. Because of the high quality ingredients and Paleo diet base, Plate Up is a little more expensive than other meal delivery services.  The Food Company The Food Company was started by a Kiwi family with many of the struggles we all face in relation to food and lifestyle. They were struggling to balance everyday commitments with being healthy & fit while failing to avoid drive-thru's for easy dinners. This business was born out of a need for nutritious meals that would relieve the stress of daily life and not add to it. There are great options online at The Food Company, including individual meals, weekly meal packs, a weekly Keto Box for people on the ketogenic diet and even an 8 meal Isolation Pack.  The Isolation Meal Pack is an 8 meal bundle that serves as a one-off, instead of being part of a full on subscription plan. This helps people who would love a few days off from the dreaded supermarket trip or are lacking time and motivation to cook as we descend down the levels of lockdown.  The menu is varied and vibrant with options such as Chicken Pad Thai, Herb Crusted Fish and Naked Beef Fajita which are all low carb! They also advertise as a fresh service as opposed to delivering frozen meals, this eases many people minds about the freshness and quality of the products they order.  FED. Fed is a very diverse meal delivery service. They have some more gourmet and alternative meal options such as 'French Mustard Chicken with baby herbed potatoes' and 'Beef Bourguignon with carrot mash'.  There are a stack of gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian/vegan options available and it even mentions which meals are freezer friendly if you're wanting to bulk order and store meals for alternative nights in the future.  There are several ways to enjoy the meals in plans that cater for different needs and groups. The FED. Family plan allows you to choose meals for two or three nights, the weekly subscription box is fairy self explanatory and the Kids Meal plan offer smaller, simple meals like 'Hidden Vege Bolognese' for fussy young eaters, these kids meals average around $8.95 each.    How to choose the right service for your needs Now that you have a little more information on some food delivery services, you can align your own vibe and needs with one that that suits you.  The best place to start is meal research. Try ordering a meal from each of your top choices based on how they appeal to you with their backstory and types of food they provide. Pay attention to how long it takes to be delivered, compare price with taste and you'll have a winner based on what your budget and tastebuds say!  

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  • 5 ways to avoid dry Chicken Breast!

    5 ways to avoid dry Chicken Breast!

    Isaac Kerr, 13 April 2020

    Practice these 5 tips and tricks for combatting dry chicken breast!

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  • The Paleo Diet Explained

    The Paleo Diet Explained

    Gemma, 16 August 2017

    The Paleo Diet is one of a number of diets out there in the health and fitness world. As with most other diets, the Paleo Diet has its pros and cons. While it has been criticised as being unsustainable over the long term and therefore not as effective as other diets, it is still surprisingly popular.

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  • 5 Tips For A Healthy Christmas

    5 Tips For A Healthy Christmas

    Gemma, 21 December 2016

    Christmas holidays can make it hard to stay on track with healthy eating and fitness. There’s always second helpings of food, afternoon naps, plenty of bubbly… So we’ve got 5 tips to help you enjoy a healthier Christmas that won’t sabotage your goals.

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  • Why You Should Consider Switching to a Paleo Diet

    Why You Should Consider Switching to a Paleo Diet

    Sportsfuel, 10 November 2015

    The paleo diet has been sweeping across extreme fitness circles around the world but has left many dieters confused. Many people associate the paleo diet with extreme workout trends like CrossFit and don't believe switching to Paleolithic eating could be beneficial to an ordinary person who is simply trying to lose weight or become healthy. The paleo diet contributes to healthier brain function Cold water fish (ideally, wild-caught salmon) are a staple in any Paleolithic lifestyle. They are packed full of protein and omega 3 fatty acids which contain DHA. DHA has been proven to be beneficial for your heart, eyes and perhaps most importantly your brain function. The paleo diet increases muscle and helps cut fat A true paleo diet is heavily reliant on the anabolic proteins found in animal flesh, this helps your body to build new muscle-mass. Furthermore, the more muscle a person has on their body, the better their metabolism will work. When you increase the muscle cells in your body through a Paleolithic diet, any extra energy in your body will be transported to the glycogen in your muscles instead of triglycerides in your fat cells. The paleo diet improves gut-health The man-made, processed foods that are filling up the shelves of supermarkets today often cause inflammation inside of your intestinal tract. This inflammation mixed with stress or other health issues can cause intestinal infections and abrasions. The paleo diet removes unhealthy foods from your diet that may trigger intestinal distress. The paleo diet decreases allergies Many of the most common foods in typical households are known to trigger allergic reactions. Often food allergies can go undetected for decades due to the fact that most allergic symptoms are not visible from outside of the human body. The paleo diet eliminates grain and dairy for at least the first month which allows the average dieters body enough time to begin repairing itself from years of damage. The paleo diet increases energy Most foods on the paleo diet have a low glycemic index, which means the sugars are absorbed more slowly in your body. Slow digestion of sugars can help you to avoid the inevitable energy-crash that occurs after eating processed, sugary foods, or drinking caffeinated beverages. Many people who switch to the paleo diet would agree that the benefits reach far beyond weight-loss and increased muscle mass. It is not uncommon for individuals that eat a strict paleo diet to experience clearer skin, shinier hair and even a decrease in asthma flair-ups. If you are looking for a diet that is safe for the whole family, delicious, and effective in helping you become healthier, the paleo diet is for you!  

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  • The Truth About Clean Eating

    The Truth About Clean Eating

    Sportsfuel, 7 August 2015

    Clean eating is about changing your lifestyle by mostly eating healthy foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and those foods rich in protein and healthy fats

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