How to Stay in Shape Over the Christmas Holidays

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How to Stay in Shape Over the Christmas Holidays

Christmas is almost here and that means presents, fun times with the family, and of course, scrumptious food and drink. To put it simply, Christmas is one of those holidays when staying in shape can turn into a bigger challenge than it already is.

So, how do you strike a fine balance between enjoying your fair share of Christmas goodies and keeping your weight under the limit?

Well, we’ve got a few tips for you right here. So, let’s get started.

Don’t Stop Hitting the Gym

It’s okay to have all the fun possible during Christmas. However, we suggest you don’t prioritize fun over your health. So, keep hitting the gym as often as possible. It’s forgivable to skip a day or two, especially on Christmas eve and Christmas. However, make sure you hit the gym before and after.

You can also incorporate other simple activities to burn calories. For instance, try walking as much as possible, instead of using your car. Make the most of the time and opportunities you have. You can even dedicate just an hour or so for a simple workout routine at home.

Count Your Calories

At the end of the day, it’s the calories that matter. So, if you’re going to stay in shape, make sure your count your calories. It’s more than okay to engage in a tasty treat or two. In fact, you’d be foolish not to. However, make sure you know your limits.

Just because there’s junk to eat doesn’t mean you have to have it all. Regulation and self-control are key. At the same time, don’t punish yourself. An occasional indulgence will not make much of a difference to your weight.

Keep Alcohol Consumption to a Bare Minimum

Control your alcohol intake, just as you plan to control your food intake. Most alcoholic beverages are loaded with calories and that’s obviously bad news. Plus, alcohol makes you lose your inhibitions and that can hamper your ability to control your food intake as well.

So, keep the alcohol consumption to a bare minimum.

Drink an Optimum Amount of Water

Your body needs to stay hydrated. Hydration plays a very important role in terms of maintaining your overall health. For starters, it helps maintain the balance in body fluids. Other than that, water also helps in the transportation of nutrients to various parts of the body.

But, most importantly, water improves satiety and makes you feel full. So, drink a glass of water after each meal to feel satisfied.

Turn Christmas Into Cheat Day

Another trick you can try is to treat Christmas as a cheat day. Make sure you’ve got your diet under control the whole week prior to Christmas. On Christmas, you can afford to let yourself go. Have fun and eat whatever you want. But, make sure you return to your usual routine the very next day.

So, there you have it – basic tips to stay in shape this Christmas season and if you already want to make sure, your are getting the most out of each training session & recover well afterwards, then you should check out our great range of training supplements & daily deals!

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