Top Reasons Why You Fail to Burn Fat

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Top Reasons Why You Fail to Burn Fat

Everybody wants to have a trimmer physique with more muscle and less fat, but getting there can be a major challenge for many people.

If you're struggling to lose fat in trouble spots, it's likely one of these five things or a combination of them that's standing between you and the progress that you want to make. Read on to discover the top reasons why you fail to burn fat.

You're Not Eating Enough.

Is your mind blown just from reading that sentence?

It's understandable. Many people are surprised to learn that a diet that's short on calories can undermine fat loss efforts, but it's a very common problem. While it's true that reducing your calorie intake to a point where you're burning more than you're taking in promotes fat loss, when you take things to extreme something else occurs.

When deficits become too severe, your body goes into a sort of panic mode.

Fearing starvation, it begins to stock up on fuel that it can use if food intake stops, and the most attractive fuel the body has is fat. To meet immediate energy production needs, your body will begin to breakdown muscle while holding onto as much fat as possible. This means that you'll not only not see the fat loss results that you want, but you'll be compromising the results you might otherwise get at the gym.

The key to successful fat loss is reducing your caloric intake enough to promote fat loss but still meet your basic energy requirements.

You're Trying to Wing It.

Heard the saying, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail?" That's definitely true when it comes to fat loss. When you don't have a plan of action in place to help you reach your fat loss goal, you won't be able to succeed.


Well, first of all, you need to have some type of consistent guidelines in place to help you make good decisions about exercise and the foods you eat every day. You need to outline how many calories you're going to consume and ideally where those calories will come from. You also need to plan how much you'll exercise and what you'll be doing.

Having a plan doesn't just set you up for success and keep you on track; it also allows you to monitor your progress. If you're not losing fat at a satisfying pace, you can examine your plan and figure out where you're going wrong. Are you not sticking to what you've outlined or does the plan need revising? If you're just winging it and trying different things, it's impossible to know how to improve.

Your Diet Is Unrealistic or Not Right for You.

Fat loss is a long road. There's no overnight miracle you can rely on to just eliminate body fat, so you're likely going to need to keep following your fat loss diet for at least a few months if not a year or more.

To succeed, you need to be able to live on and with your diet. If you can only eat a few foods on a diet plan, you just can't realistically stay on it for very long, and if your diet requires you to give up all of the foods you love and start eating things you hate, you're just not going to stick to it - period.

There are many kinds of fat loss diet plans out there. Find one that fits your lifestyle and pleases your taste buds. The time you spend researching your options will be worth it, as it will mean less time wasted trying to lose fat only to give up and gain everything back.

You're Not Being Honest About What you're Eating.

So you had some nuts before bed. Was it really a serving? Did you really only put 1/2 ounce of olive oil on your salad for lunch? Are you sure you didn't have a snack yesterday?


If you're not keeping a written log of what you're eating every day, it's likely you're not being real with yourself about how well you're following your diet. You don't have to keep track of what you eat forever, but until you begin to lose fat and learn how to eat properly, tracking is important. Doing so will keep you honest and make it easier for you to revise your diet as needed to ensure success.

You're Not Making Fitness a Priority.

Let's be real now--how important is it for you to make it to the gym on schedule and to give your workout your all. Are you really trying or are you phoning it in? If you're not fully invested in being successful with your workouts, you're not going to be successful.

When you focus on making the changes needed to perform at your best at the gym, fat loss will follow. Diets that give you adequate energy to workout and accumulate lean muscle mass are the same ones that can help you lose weight. So focus on fueling your body for performance and performing at peak levels, not on getting through your workouts as quickly as possible so you can cross them off your fat-burning to-do list.

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