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Great Supplements for post lockdown results!

With lockdown nearly over and a little more freedom on the horizon, it feels more and more like we've been self isolating at home for close to a year! 

Many people have been keeping themselves entertained with Instagram challenges (including our Sportsfuel daily challenges), home workouts, learning new skills and plenty of Zoom chats. There is however a massive longing for the world to get back to normal with a desperation for visits with friends, over-priced cafe' food and haircuts to name a few! 

With Level 3 looming around the corner and some non-essential services like takeaways gearing up to operate again, dangerous habits could easily creep into our routines that have been dominated by creative backyard workouts and home - cooked meals.

Although Level 3 and 4 aren't hugely different, Level 3 gives us more access to fast foods and some naughty delivery treats so there is a risk of falling off the amazing health and fitness bandwagon many people have been on!

To help keep you as active, healthy and prepared as possible we've compiled a list of supplement essentials to help keep you on the right track and hold on to all that amazing progress you've made at home as we make the transition back to normalcy. 

A bag of Clean Nutrition Whey Protein powder

Clean Nutrition Protein 1kg

This premium powder is made up of quality, clean whey protein and has a massive 23g of protein per serving as well as 5.3 grams of BCAAs and 2.5 grams of Leucine. This product is ideal for both muscle growth and recovery with its great protein levels, while also only containing 5 ingredients!  

Clean Nutrition prides itself on being just that, clean! There are no mispronounce-able fillers clogging up the ingredients list. You can feel great about putting the best protein into your body to help fuel your muscles from all the home workouts that have been cranked out, plus with that 23 grams of protein per serve it'll be great for when you transition back into lifting big iron at the gym. 

Optimum Nutrition Sparkling Amino Energy Drink

4 cans of Amino Energy drink by Optimum Nutrition

While we know that even with many home workouts and nutritious meals being had over the lockdown period, there has also been plenty of beers and wines over Zoom and energy drinks to keep feeling alive during work video chats. The lifestyle drinks we consume tend to become habits so finding one that is beneficial to our workouts or diet is key. 

A great alternative to traditional energy drinks or coffee are these tasty sparkling Amino Energy drinks by Optimum Nutrition! They offer a refreshing hit of amino acids, electrolytes and naturally sourced caffeine to support an active lifestyle. This handy ready - to - drink beverage also helps support endurance and recovery by keeping you hydrated with all the right stuff. Why not swap out your usual sugar filled energy drink with something cleaner, fresher and better for you? It's sure to help ease you into a more healthy lifestyle after lockdown!

Musashi Shred and Burn Bars

A 12 box of Musashi Shred and Burn bars 

Snacking is a very common occurrence throughout most peoples days, whether they plan it or not and whether they like it or not! During lockdown especially, snacking and eating sporadically throughout the day could have become a competitive sport! Making the transition back into our regular schedules and keeping on top of our health and fitness goals requires some adjustments to the treats we've all allowed ourselves during isolation. 

Even if you're not getting back to work just yet, the Shred and Burn bars by Musashi will be a great daily snack addition that you can feel great about! These delicious bars are packed with 20 grams of protein per serve and have special ingredients like Green Tea extract, L-Carnitine and Garcinia Cambogia that are well known to assist in fat burning. Snacking on one of these bad boys after a workout from home or at the office when life returns to normal will mean better things for your fitness goals, helping you hit daily protein goals and shred fat at the same time. 

Pro Supps DNPX Fat Burner

Pro Supps DNPX Fat Burner

Many peoples activity and productivity levels have been effected by the lockdown with a lot of uncertainty and varied new working days. Staying motivated and energetic can be tough when having to workout from home. Taking an energising fat burner is a great way to continue the routine you've always had at the gym and stocking up means you'll be prepared once they open up again.

The Pro Supps DNPX Fat Burner works with your body to promote increased and sustained energy for working out harder, it increases focus and even elevates mood! Key new ingredients like TeaCrine and KinetlQ mean that you wont crash after smashing out your sets. It also supports metabolism for enhanced calorie burning! 

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Incorporating a clean protein powder, an amino energy drink, a fat-burning protein bar and an energy boosting fat burner is a great place to start re-stocking your supplement cupboard. These essential items will help you enhance your daily workouts at home and give you a fighting chance to maintain those results with the transition from Level 4 downwards. 

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