Quick Guide: What are Stimulant Free Fat Burners?

Written by Sportsfuel, 17 April 2015

Quick Guide: What are Stimulant Free Fat Burners?

What Are Stimulants?

Stimulants are natural or synthetic substances that enervate or speed up the nervous system. Caffeine is a very well-known stimulant and is often used in dietary supplement products for individuals trying to lose weight and increase muscle mass. Some people are unable to take stimulants due to health concerns like cardiovascular disease. Others find that stimulants make them feel jittery or make it difficult for them to sleep.

What Are Stimulant Free Fat Burners?

Stimulant free fat burners are dietary supplements that are designed to help the body burn stored fat but without using stimulants as active ingredients. These products work by supporting the activities of the metabolism during and after exercise. Some also interfere with the body's absorption of fat from foods, so that stored fat is used in place of dietary fat for vital functions. People use stimulant-free fat burners to enhance the fat-burning benefits of workouts without the risk of side effects that can be caused by stimulants.

Who Can Benefit from Stimulant Free Fat Burners?

Anyone who wishes to burn fat in order to lose weight or gain lean muscle mass could benefit from a fat burner, and stimulant free products are ideal for those who cannot tolerate stimulants or prefer not to add them to their diets. It's important to note that stimulant-free fat burners are formulated to complement the effects of exercise, not take the place of them. In other words, you will still need to maintain your workout routine to enjoy fat loss benefits from any fat burner supplements.

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