Become A Morning Person with Eve

We know, from years of research, that we can do everything right in our day to day lives - but if we’re not sleeping properly, we might as well be working at 50% capacity.

Whether we’re training for a big event or looking to keep things consistent in the gym, rest, hydration, and the proper nutrients are the first step to the ideal fitness regime.

Sometimes, even after a good night’s rest, we still don’t feel fully awake in the morning, which makes our motivation dip; working out seems less appealing, and then we feel sluggish. The good news is that with the right nutrients, we can more effectively turn our food into fuel.

That’s why we love B vitamins so much. When we wake up (and sometimes before we even go to sleep) we’re looking forward to the first coffee of the day. It makes sense - it’s delicious, it’s a lovely ritual and it gives us a burst of energy. Sometimes, we rely on it to provide us with pep when in reality, we have a tiredness that goes bone-deep, leaving us tired and wired.

Coffee also raises our cortisol levels (which isn’t always a bad thing but it’s good to make sure they don’t stay high). So when looking at matters of energy and oomph, nutrients can do that job for us. And that’s why Eve Nutrition made Morning Person, packed full of nutrients and herbs that are shown to give us a clean run of energy.


B-vitamins are great for energy because they work to convert the food we eat into fuel. They’re also essential for creating new blood cells to move oxygen around the body.
  • B-12, in particular, is used by almost every cell in our body, and when we’re deficient in it, a typical result is fatigue.
  • Vitamin B2 - or riboflavin - supports hormone production in our adrenal glands and is essential for energy and sex hormone balance.
  • Vitamin B9 - also known as folate - helps the body process fats and carbohydrates, and not having enough can leave us feeling weak, tired, irritable, and can lead to headaches as well as trouble concentrating.
  • Finally, B6 supports mood, and brain health, and helps ease signs of PMS!


Panax Ginseng has been shown to improve memory and thinking skills. 200mg of it gives us an immediate boost of energy similar to that high we feel after a run, instead of the wriggling in your seat feeling we can often get from too much coffee. Used and loved worldwide for its mental clarity, anti-oxidative stress, immunity, and brain function properties, it’s been a favourite for generations globally for a reason.


While we’re dealing with more day-to-day, hour-by-hour energy levels, we also think it wise to think about long-term energy reserves, especially if things like fatigue, headaches, or mental fog are common occurrences. Upping our caffeine intake won’t address these chronic concerns. And we do that with adaptogens.

Adaptogens, like the name suggests, help the body adapt. They nourish us to stay stable and effectively deal with stress and Rhodiola in particular, supports energy levels long-term and bolsters our body’s ability to deal with stressors when they come up. When not supported, this can lead to burnout, anxiety, poor exercise performance, and lack of vitality.

So, because we love these three ingredients so much, each one is in Morning Person, which was specially formulated to combat off-days and ongoing fatigue alike. Taken in the morning or even later in the day to compensate for early starts, keeping the little sunshiney tub on hand is just the boost you need.

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