5 Reasons Why You Need to Use Protein Powder for Protein Drinks

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Use Protein Powder for Protein Drinks

Juice bars might be the latest big thing. All your friends are going. There's one right next to the gym. But you don't have to stand in line for twenty minutes to get the best protein drinks out there. In fact, those "super smoothies" or "super juices" may be preventing you from reaching your goals rather than helping. Juice bar smoothies and drinks are often high in sugar. I can hear you thinking, but it comes from fruit. Yes, but you wouldn't eat the amount of fruit needed to make your juice in one sitting. And some of the fruits listed in the ingredients come from sugar-packed concentrates. Put the drink down and step away now.

Plus, to really fuel your body to grow and repair muscles, you need to use protein powder. More juice bars are using protein powder in their drinks these days, but you're still better off to keep it simple and stick to quality whey protein without the unknown extras.

Here, we're laying down the law when it comes to why adding protein powder to your protein drinks ensures you get the real nutrition your body needs.

1. Whey Protein Is High-Quality

It's a fact: not all protein supplements and forms are created equal. Luckily, whey protein is packed with amino acids and is easy for your body to digest.

The three main types of whey protein powder are concentrate, hydrolysate, and isolate. The most common type you'll see on the shelf is whey protein concentrate.

All three types of powders are equally high in nutritional value.

2. It Can Increase The Antioxidants In Your Body

It's not just a glass of red wine that's a great source of antioxidants - and protein shakes won't leave you feeling a little off the next day.

Making sure you get enough antioxidants means that your oxidative stress levels are lower, meaning your body can easily fight off disease.

Glutathione is found in whey protein, and it's a huge source of antioxidants. An added bonus? Glutathione can also help you to lose weight faster!

What's not to love about that?

3. It Reduces Inflammation

We've all been there: experiencing soreness after a killer workout that just won't go away. Did you know that chronic inflammation can even lead to disease?

To combat this, consume protein drinks rich in whey powder, which can lower your body's levels of C-reactive protein: the very thing that generates inflammation.

Prevent soreness and inflammation before it starts by drinking a protein shake before your next workout.

4. It Can Help To Lower Your Blood Pressure

If you've got hypertension, you're at a higher risk for heart disease. Good news? Whey protein powder can help to lower your blood pressure.


Because whey proteins contain lactokinins, which are bio-peptides that can hep keep your blood pressure at a safe level. It's equally effective for men and women.

5. It Helps Your Muscles To Grow Faster

We all know you want to be bikini-ready in as little time as possible. Protein drinks can help. It's also a great preventative strategy when it comes to protecting the muscles you've worked hard to build.

Since whey protein contains a lot of leucine, the most growth-stimulating amino acid, your muscles will build faster.

You're An Expert In Protein Drinks!

Now you know why adding whey powder to your protein drinks really makes a difference in healing and strengthening your body.

For more information on the benefits of protein powder, and to learn where you can pick some up, check out our website and blog.

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